Man jailed for unprovoked attack on victim in Ramsgate

JAILED: James Beaumont

A man who inflicted serious facial injuries on his victim in an unprovoked attack in Ramsgate has been jailed for three years.

James Beaumont, 19, from Lancaster Road, Canterbury, stamped on the man’s head causing a fractured eye socket and fractured finger during the attack on Saturday 12 February.

Kent Police was called to Ramsgate High Street at about 9pm where they found the man. He was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries.

Beaumont was arrested about 20 minutes after officers arrived. A review of CCTV in the area captured the attack and Beaumont was clearly identified. He was later charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing and on Friday (May 27) was sentenced to three years in a Young Offenders’ Institute.

Investigating officer PC Joshua O’Donnell said: “The victim suffered serious injuries in the attack, which was completely unprovoked.  He has since recovered from his injuries but the effect this attack will have on him will likely stay with him forever.

“I am pleased Beaumont is now behind bars. The sentence reflects the severity of his actions and sends a clear message, that violent offenders will be dealt with robustly.”


  1. Looks like an absolute wimp. No doubt picked on someone who was drunk from behind.

    Guess he will be the one getting attacked from behind in prison on a daily basis. Will be like throwing a hot dog down the channel tunnel by the time he leaves.

  2. i would hope he gets the treatment in the showers , then again he looks like he might have done already ?

  3. What a surprise that lots of his Facebook friends are well known thugs, some of whom involved in that attack which made national and German news.

  4. As a victim of this type of unprovoked senseless attack what is 3 years in a young offenders’ institute?? Utter scumbags that think coke and cognac excuse for a family to watch their father/husband and son spend 3 months in a coma and walk the streets before I’ve even recovered enough to provide for my family. Crazy world!

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