Platinum Jubilee: A week of activities at Bromstone Primary School

Jubilee fun at Bromstone

By Matthew Munson

After two years without the normal hustle and bustle of a busy school, the Jubilee is an excellent opportunity to let the creativity flow again – and Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs has certainly done that this year.

Bromstone pulled out all the stops to celebrate the Jubilee and keep their students engaged and entertained. Everything from assemblies to lessons via lunchtimes have brought in the Jubilee spirit, and the staff really made an effort to make sure that this was an experience the school would never forget.

Music assemblies started working through the decades of the Queen’s reign, introducing the school (and more than a few Alexas at the students’ homes) to classic songs, and a staff team began coordinating the celebration events.

Each year group was given a different Commonwealth country to study and learn about and the school kitchen got to introduce pupils to new foods by cooking up a menu each day from different Commonwealth countries.

There were also two big competitions being held during the week – Bromstone in Bloom, where each year group planted a display of flowers to brighten up the school, and the Great Bromstone Bake Off, where different treats were rustled up by the pupils to be judged by a panel from the local community and their neighbours.

Years Five and Six were judged joint winners of Bromstone in Bloom, and Year Five went on to also win the Great Bromstone Bake Off!

Friday was the culmination of the week’s activities – with the entire school really buzzing – with a parade and street party on the grounds; the first all-school event they’ve been able to hold in two years.

For young students, this will have been their first experience of an event like this and the older children got to remember the power of schools to hold events that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Children came to school on Friday wearing red, white, and blue, and their party started off with the parade in front of a panel of VIPs. The pupils then settled down on the field with lots of snacks and treats, the band Vertigo Park performing an open-air set, and lots of dancing.

A perfect end to a week of learning, celebrations, and fun.