Platinum Jubilee: Celebrations at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Jubilee fun at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Jubilee fever gripped Ramsgate Arts Primary as children of all ages celebrated the Queen’s marvellous milestone.

Throughout the school there was a buzz of right royal activity as girls and boys wore red, white and blue clothing to represent the national flag colours.

One of the hives of activity was in the early years learning area where the school’s youngest pupils had an exciting time through play-learning around the jubilee theme.

They made patriotic flags, made decorations, role-played making a traditional British cuppa, feasted on fish and chips, wore a regal crown, learned about the Queen and the jubilee by listening to stories about Her Majesty and her family, and listened to classical music that was played as a background soundtrack to their day.

The little ones also joined the rest of the school in a special assembly where they took part in a quiz and sang the national anthem while waving their flags.

Pupils across school took part in an art project in their year groups looking at the work of local artist Ann Carrington and produced some replicas of her work using ‘found’objects – these will be displayed in Ramsgate railway station for the Jubilee.

Elsewhere across RAPS Year 1 pupils learnt all about the Queen and then made their own list of rules of what they would do if we were King or Queen. Their artwork included making a British themed collage. In Year 3 girls and boys began their day of celebrations by watching the majesty and ceremony of the Queen’s coronation.

Early Years Foundation Studies lead Sophie Spurrier said: “They little ones were excited and were really engaged with all the activities they took part in. It was a wonderful atmosphere and they certainly celebrated in style.”

Head of School Nick Budge added: “We celebrated our Jubilee Day in advance throughout the school as we will be on a holiday break when the actual event is celebrated nationwide.

“Our children really showed their creative skills with a range of diverse activities centred on the jubilee theme. Throughout the day they learnt more about the history, heritage and culture of our royal family and what makes the Queen’s jubilee so special. It is a milestone event in our country’s history that our girls and boys will remember.”