Ace Cafe London cancels its official 2022 Margate Meltdown

Unofficial Meltdown 2021 Photo Carl Hudson

The official Ace Cafe Margate Meltdown scheduled for June 2 has been cancelled again.

An announcement has been posted to the Ace Cafe London facebook page to say: “Margate Meltdown is unable to go ahead this year as planned as Ace Cafe London were unable to secure the required road closures within the specified time limit.

“We can only apologise – and look forward to instead seeing you at the Ace for the Queens 70th Jubilee Celebration.”

It’s understood a form needed for the road closure was not submitted in time.

Margate Meltdown 2019 Photo Carole Adams

In 2020 and 2021 the event was cancelled due to the covid pandemic. However, that did not stop bikers from taking the annual run out to Thanet last year with hundreds of motorbikes arriving on the seafront.

Unofficial Meltdown in Margate Photo Carl Hudson

The Meltdown is the most recently established event of the Ace Café, as thousands of riders make the pilgrimage to park up and hang out at the Harbour Arm and along the Piazza.

It’s likely bikers will again make the run to Thanet despite Ace Cafe London cancelling.


  1. YAY ! Great news at last! Finally people are getting it ! Lots of petrol engine bikes driving up and down margate sea front is not good for ANYONE!! Thank you who ever refused the road blocking off request..

  2. so you are happy as one person , that the pleasure of many thousands has been written off as usual , you have a very strange selfish attitude. i thought this dump was trying to attract people , but obviously not. i suppose margate is the new hollywood after that bit of filming recently ?.

    • Well said, real world.
      How mean-spirited of Frank to begrudge so many people a few hours of fun, once a year, through an event which would have minimal effect on the environment. I’ve never been a biker, but I’m fed up with Margate turning its back on anything vaguely populist. The surprise is that the Meltdown organisers would still want to come a place now wallowing in pretentiousness.

      • These people need to grow a pair, they only like annoying people with their noise, and air polluting machines, because of all that power thrusting between their legs! They are a bloody nuisance, and put people off enjoying the beach!

    • I am in the u s and that’s where I would rather be and they have here bike rallies every week

      • Of course they do Roger, America is an adolescent country, and needs to grow up, and especially stop playing with guns! Cowboys & Indians didn’t exist except when the US army killed the Indians as part of their genocide plan! And yes I have been to the USA, on business many years ago, and wild horses wouldn’t drag me back again!

  3. Many more than I person I think. Great news indeed and common sense prevailing. TDC calling a climate emergency and then allowing this noisy polluting event to go ahead was simply nonsensical.

    • Hear hear … protect the environment don’t destroy it with OLD polution.. scrap the bike reuse the metal ! Hear hear !! ‘Save the planet not just thanet ! ‘

      • This event brings thousands of pounds to local shops pubs and cafes, when they need it most. The Classic and Chips which used to be at Minnis Bay has stopped so another part of Thanet has lost Revenue. Maybe you should scrap your car and walk every where if you are so into saving the planet. Because it is a******* like you who will be the death of Thanet.

        • I use public transport .. loop bus .. don’t have a car .. or walk .. its not 1960 .. the petrol engine is dead … electric will save us all

          • Frank

            Electric is no where near the answer. If you live in a terraced house how do you plug your car in if you cant park outside your house ?

            Petrol/diesel engine is dead you say. So how are the farmers going to work their land ? How are goods going to be more around the world ? How are goods going to moved around the country ?

            The world needs engine’s

            Hydrogen cars are the way to go

        • And it is use of internal combustion engines vehicles that will lead to the death of the planet

          • Hydrogen is not the answer, for at least two reasons:
            It doesn’t occur naturally, so it has to be manufactured. And that takes energy. I read recently that it takes about 4 units of energy to create 3 energy units worth of hydrogen.
            Hydrogen is very volatile, and because of its nature, very difficult to store.
            Better to generate green electric, and use that directly.

        • Thousands of people who live in Thanet don’t agree with you Dave! Why should we have to put up with these anti-social clowns, so a few more ice creams, and fish & chips can be sold? I know at least 2 shift workers who would be woken up by these morons as they try to sleep during the day!

        • The powers that be are supposedly removing the lights donated to Thanet in Margate by the recent film shoot there

      • You truly are a #1 troll, or just enjoy being malicious. You have no valid argument or reason. What a sad little life you must lead, I’m so sorry for you. Take care of yourself.

    • However – TDC did allow last weekend’s motorcycle event whereby hundreds of vintage motorcycles were allowed to race back and forth across Margate beach for two full days.

      Perhaps the climate emergency was cancelled last week . . .

  4. What a shame, soon all that goes on in thanet will be for the arty lovies, and the green brigade.

    If you like anything else tough

    I personally enjoy seeing the bike racing on the beach, and the cafe run. I guess people will be trying to stop the bucket and spade run next 🙁

    I like seeing old bikes and cars.

    • Confused, you’ve hit the nail on the head. They want to wipe the rough ‘n’ ready working class seaside resort of old off the map. I also loved seeing all the bikes.

  5. It seemed OK to close off the tods when TDC got millions from rhe filming event…I guess the bikers didn’t stump up enough wedge to keep TDC greaseballs happy.Congrats Ms Homer….I guess the peace and quiet of no noisy working class bikers will help with your re training and counselling …at the expense if thise same working class bikers…Shame on you

    • If you read the piece, you’ll see that the reason the event isn’t happening is because the organisers didn’t fill in the correct forms in time.

  6. all these people that condemn the internal combustion engine , have they stopped shopping as well – because 99% of shops are supplied by lorries – you have a strange argument – would you turn away fire engines and ambulances as well ?

    • No, you’re the one with the strange argument.
      Just because it is necessary for delivery trucks, fire engines and so on to use ice vehicles is no argument that the rest of us are entitled to drive everywhere.

  7. No but you have to start somewhere and do something or it will be too late .. they are making lots of electric vehicles and one day fire engines and ambulances will be electric .. the change is coming embrace it .. its ok to let go …

    • No they won’t When a fire appliance pumps water it needs power that can’t come from Elctricity, you would need batteries the size of a chieftan tank.

  8. As usual another event f##k up by Margate. Probably the council didn’t get a big enough back hander .have to put more money into the envelope for next year

  9. Even though the Ace cafe have withdrawn their support, you’ll still have thousands of motorcycles turning up wether you like it or not. It’s now a traditional run, the same as Hastings, Southend and Brighton. The bikers bring thousands of pounds to Margate and many other places they visit.

  10. Let’s hope there is a big police presence their that day … thank you the boys and girls in blue you do a great job 💙

    • Frank

      Why the need for a big police presence ?

      You really not like bikers or anything with an engine.
      Tell who do you get your food etc. I am guessing you grow everything you need with your hatred of engines

  11. A big police presence is always nice to see to keep law an order at any big event .. football match .. organised march.. bike event (in this case cancelled event) the police do a great job .. I get my food from a shop like most people lol!! . I also grow food.. I would like all transport to be as electric as it can to help save the environment… I take it you want something different?? If so I support your right to say so even if I don’t agree ..

    • Interesting Frank

      You support my right to have a different view than yours. Thank you.

      But you want to stop any hobbies or interests of 1000’s people who don’t agree with your views and lifestyle. Yet you are happy to buy food using diesel tractors to produce the food, diesel lorrys that deliver it to the shops, Thanet Earth one of the biggest light polluters in the UK. You are happy with that !!

      But the odd day when some bikers want to come to margate you play the save the world card !

      Double standards I think

      • I’m not happy they use diesel vehicles to bring food I’m not happy thanet is a big light pollutants.. I wish the vehicles were electric and thanet produces less light… my interest is in saving the planet and planet thanet by stopping all of the above by having solar energy electric cars more wind farms sustainable food source … just being Frank 😊

        • Frank

          Have you done any research into electric cars ?

          Its is a mith, the batteries have a life span of about 12 years. They are not recyclable
          Who is going to buy a second hand electric car which in a few years time will need to spend 12k on new batteries ? It doesnt make sence.

          I feel the electric cars is just a huge scam, hydrogen is the way to go , it’s cheap and easy but that’s the problem it’s cheap so they wont make so much money out of it.

          • Confused please buy a hydrogen car then .. by doing this you will help save the planet .. we finally agree on something… I’m pleased you want to help the environment

    • Wow elctric is the way to go im pretty sure when i was growing up there was fossile fule crises and the amount of electric we use was worrying and now its ok to use it.. i for one will be going to the meltdown and just for you frank i will give it a good old rev in your name 🙂 and i accept your thank you for the boys in blue but we are still human and go about our day no need to be toxic buddy 🙂

  12. Let’s not have any tourists, filming, no DFLs and take Margate back to being a dump. I can’t believe those opposed to change and growth. It’s been announced the filming brought 4million to the economy when the country is in financial ruin ffs! We’re all entitled to our opinion but I’m all for Margate’s businesses staying open.

  13. Confused I don’t hate anyone or anything and I’ve never been to a vintage steam fair .. I can only assume you don’t want to help the environment and you want global warming to happen with all the devastating things it will bring to the planet.. I respect your honesty but disagree with what you believe over the environment.. Donald Trump thinks the same as you .. for the record I don’t like trump (note I don’t hate him ) just don’t like him … just being Frank

    • What about the coach loads of people that gather on Margate beach with there music blaring, bbq’s burning and alcohol flowing, then leave the beach looking like a land fill? ? TDC gives them permission to hold there evevt every year !!!!

  14. Frank

    I am like Donald Trump how dare you !

    I want to save the world but believe that electric vehicles are not the answer.

    I also believe the odd day of a steam fair or bike ride will have very little effect on the environment. Compare that to the about of cheap plastic bunting and flags for the jubilee. Take the lights on margate seafront why were they on 24/7 ?

    I admire your dream to save the world but we have to have some down time so to speak. I agree about saving the world but have different thoughts about it.

  15. If electric vehicles are not the answer .. go and buy the hydrogen car then .. you will be doing your bit .. I said Donald Trump thinks the same as you regards your thinking and obstruction to climate change and what we need to do … any event where there is a collection of pollution making machines no matter how in frequent will have a detrimental impact on the environment.. I’m pleased you want to save the planet.. you can help the cause …

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