Before Breakfast gig at the Tom Thumb Theatre

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast bring their debut album ‘I Could Be Asleep If It Weren’t For You’ tour to Cliftonville tonight (May 20

Sheffield duo Gina Walters and Lucy Revis fuse their classical knowledge and rich arrangements with with personal storytelling that explores feminist themes.

On ‘Wreck’ singer Gina mourns the abrupt end of a relationship and a vanishing future that she once counted on.

‘I’m A Good Friend’ is the track that has their debut album’s title lyric in it. “I’m always on the outside looking in, where’s my story?”

On ‘Stand’, the most direct and plain-speaking track on the album, Gina agonises over the idea of having to choose either financial security or motherhood.  Lucy wrote the lyrics and made her lyrical debut on ‘Brush My Hair.’

Last summer the band returned to the stage to play Latitude, Tramlines and Deer Shed Festival.

Before Breakfast are joined by two additional singers on the tour. They come to the Tom Thumb Theatre in Eastern Esplanade,tonight  8pm-9pm. Tickets cost £10.

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