Margate RNLI called to dismasted yacht after it breaks free of moorings

Bringing the vessel to harbour Photo Jamie Horton

Margate RNLI has towed in a dismasted yacht after it broke free from its moorings today (May 19).

The vessel, which was adrift around half a mile off Margate harbour, was removed after being deemed a navigation hazard.

Photo John Horton

A Margate RNLI spokesperson said: “UK Coastguard was contacted by the North East Spit pilot cutter around 3.30pm today reporting a dismasted yacht adrift around half a mile off Margate harbour.

Photo John Horton

“Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was tasked to investigate and once on scene ascertained that the craft had broken away from its moorings at the end of Margate harbour arm, no persons were on board the vessel at the time.

“As the yacht posed a potential hazard to navigation it was agreed that the lifeboat would take the vessel in tow and return it to Margate harbour. After the craft was re-secured in the harbour the lifeboat returned to station.”


  1. Maybe we should be talking about banning ALL boats and ships from the harbour .. this incident could have been fatal BAN THEM NOW before its too late !!

  2. Can the owner be identified? Surely they must pay for the RNLI time, but if not then sell it at auction as salvage!

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