Arrests made and groups moved on as dispersal order put in place in Broadstairs

Pierremont Park is one of the areas covered

Arrests for drug and weapon offences  have been made as part of ongoing work to tackle anti-social behaviour in Broadstairs.

A further five people were also dispersed from Pierremont Park after a 48-hour dispersal order was put in place in the town from 3pm yesterday (May 11).

The action follow concerns from residents about groups of people causing disturbances in the last week in the Pierremont Avenue area.

The order, which covers Broadway, Lindenthrope Road, Stone Road, the beach, Ramsgate Road and the Vale, gives officers and PCSOs additional powers to direct anyone found acting anti-socially or likely to cause alarm or distress to leave the area and not return without risking arrest.

PCSOs dispersed two people found with gas cannisters early yesterday evening.

At around 9.30pm officers patrolling the park saw a group of people who were believed to be smoking cannabis. A search was carried out, resulting in a claw hammer and cannabis being seized.

A 19-year-old man from Broadstairs was arrested on suspicion of possessing Class B drugs and possession of an offensive weapon. He was taken into custody. Three boys, aged 15, 16 and 17, were all dispersed from the area by officers and warned not to return.

Also during the evening, officers seized edible drugs, wraps of suspected Class A drugs, and cannabis and grinders.

Officers arrested a 26-year-old man from Broadstairs and a 29-year-old man of no fixed address on suspicion of drugs offences and they were taken into custody while enquiries continue.

Sergeant Jim Woodward from the Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Anyone causing disturbances, using abusive language towards members of the public or committing drug-related criminality can expect our officers to take action against them.

“While it is normally a minority responsible for anti-social behaviour, nevertheless it is not acceptable, and public areas in Thanet, such as parks, are there for all to enjoy responsibly, safely and without fear. Those who are found to be causing disorder will be dealt with robustly.”


  1. bringing back national service would be a start , and send the clowns to a war zone = sink or swim ! then we will see how tough they are

    • It was the admirals and generals who wanted “national service” abolished. They didn’t want ignorant and indolent youths cluttering up their fighting formations. These days you need A Levels and preferably a degree to join up. Usually this involves used sophisticated machinery and electronics. A proper drug and enforcement policy would be a start. We currently have a Government that’s “soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime”. We had a Police Station in Broadstairs ten years ago bt that went in the first round of austerity cuts!

    • Why inflict these antisocial people on the armed forces?
      Better to replace the 22,000 police officers got rid of by the Tories.

  2. This order should be in place 24/7 for the whole of thanet ,a hit and miss dispersal order will not stop this behaviour, it just moves the problem somewhere else .but it’s a start.

    • Nothing to do with TDC. The Tories are only replacing the police that Cameron and May got rid of. Despite the increase in the population the police force has shrunk over the last 2 decades along with most other public services.

  3. What a regressive set of comments !
    National Service ? Conscription – forcing people to participate in organised murder on behalf of the ruling class.
    Putting people in Stocks ? Really ? While such suggestions may have been made in jest, it illustrates how backward some of the folk on here commenting must be, if such barbaric solutions are the best you can come up with.
    Surely some responsibility should be taken by those who have removed youth services, closed down public facilities that would help young people, removed social services budgets that at one time would have put people in a position to make useful interventions in the lives of young people.
    As for Keith Venness, regurgitating New Labour slogans does not provide solutions, it just illustrates that New Labour was no more progressive that the Tories. You really should know better Keith, and should be trumpeting genuinely progressive solutions, not the nonsense in some of these comments.

    • I was raised on a rough South London council estate, went to and fro between divorced parents, and left school (my 4th secondary school!) with no qualifications… yet I never got into drugs, alcohol, vandalism or violence, and didn’t even smoke or get fat! It’s about time people started taking more responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming their circumstances… or suffer the consequences, which should be FAR more severe.

    • So,the scum that infest these areas,with their anti social behaviour,are notthe culprits,but those that do not pander to their wants.You are keen to portion the blame everywhere else,rather than on these vermin who blight other people’s lives.
      Many of us have grown up without the facilities you talk about,but did not go round making other people’s lives a misery.
      They need to take responsibility for their ferral behaviour,not be defended for it.

      • Vermin is a nasty word for someone who maybe smokes a joint now n then I am sure many of you drink alcohol which really fuels violence.when I was young I went to many clubs where drinking water was a way of life true people did take e but it made them love everyone .but normal clubs with alcohol were always trouble. And remember the smoking hippies and their peace n love slogans .as I said before cocaine and alcohol are the anti social drugs lets get things in perspective.How about the council supply a bit of land for off road motorcycles to at least give the kids some kind of hobby.

    • John L totally agree with you! Young people are blamed for having nothing to do but are banned from doing anything! Youth services have been depleted to almost a referral based educational addition.. instead of encouraging and supporting them to be their best selves. Simple activities are either unavailable or expensive. Eg going to a swimming pool requires money for transport, entrance payments then banned from playing in the water as only lengths or swimming allowed. There are very few places they can go to without being castigated for hanging around. They cant get a part time job as there is so many rules against young people working unless through a friend of a friend. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they dont!

  4. Well said Eric!!

    The reason these scum do what they do is because

    1. No discipline at home
    2. No respect
    3. Know there is no consequences for their actions.

    Bad parents bring up bad kids pure and simple.

    There wasn’t much around for me growing up but we made our own entertainment that never included vandalism or antisocial behaviour.

    Why?? Because we were brought up with manners/respect and not dragged up thinking the world owes us something!

    Too many “do gooders” defending these scum and making more excuses for them.

    Next thing will be to label them with some initials to hide them behind!

    Discipline kids and you get in trouble, dont and they cause trouble.

    • Indeed – it was the threat (perceived or otherwise) of a ”bloody good hiding” if we misbehaved that kept us in line. If there was a report from a neighbour, school or police to our parents of a problem then there would be consequences.

      However, now that there is no discipline, no respect, no consequences and no punishment – we live with the results . . .

    • “Too many “do gooders” defending these scum and making more excuses for them.”
      But that’s exactly what you’ve just done.
      You’ve pointed out that children, though poor, if brought up by a loving, caring, family, are unlikely to be social misfits. Implying that children brought up in dysfunctional families are going to be dysfunctional in society.
      It’s not the child’s fault that it’s born of delinquent parents.

      • Must include substance abuse , the lack of social skills due to many having grown up pretty much in an online world where they can be as aggressive as they want with no reprisals and then take that attiitude out onto the street. A society where doing nothing is rewarded with sufficient hand outs to have no pressing need to do antpything, with the bonus that lack of any real sanction means petty crime is a handy sideline.
        Along the lines of some other commentators, a few ex military with good hand to hand combat skills wandering around handing out a few life lessons would do more good than most current methods. I can remember the days when the police dealt with issues on the spot and gave people something to think about for a few days. It’s not as if modern methods are a huge success is it.

  5. Is “John” implying that without the threat of physical punishment,he and his siblings/friends would have behaved badly when not at home with their parents?

  6. Let’s get the Army on the streets of Broadstairs the situation is totally out of control ! It’s like a law less baron waistland.. patrol with tanks and armoured cars .. use drones to track these wild drug ragged mobs .. it’s not safe anymore .. Please HELP US !!!!!!!

  7. When is something going to be done about these feral youths. Came across another group last night, riding their bikes tipped up on their back wheels down a poorly lit road, displaying no lights. Imagine the uproar if they got knocked over!
    Parents should be prosecuted!
    Please don’t comment about “nothing to do and no funding”. It’s all about poor parenting and no respect for anyone and anything.

    • More likely be a cheer than uproar, a couple of idiotic squashed “cyclists” and e-scooter riders would be no great loss and maybe teach the others a lesson in how to use the roads.

  8. Hundreds of new houses..problem families shipped here from London boroughs..houses bought for buy to let to house these families..resulting rise in antisocial behaviour…any connections??

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