Ramsgate boxer aiming to help change lives at new gym

Connor (middle) and members at CG Fitness Boxing Club

A former boxer from Ramsgate has opened a gym and is looking to take on amateurs who want to become professional.

Connor Gorham, 27, had his first match as an 11 year old and boxed professionally until he was 22. He launched his own fitness clothing line 2021 and received his professional trainer’s licence at the start of this year.

The dad-of-one now heads up CG Fitness Boxing Club at Sharps Place, alongside running CG Fitness clothing range.

Connor, who has previously been a care worker for adults with disabilities and children with emotional and behavioural issues and with disabilities, also wants his gym to be a place for  youngsters and people battling poor mental health.

He said: “My main aim is to help our next generation and give them the drive and ambition to generate a positive future, teach them not only self-defence and discipline but also to give them the confidence to be themselves.

“I also train a lot of people that have suffered or are fighting mental health struggles, Many have said boxing has changed or even saved their lives. This is definitely the most rewarding part of my job and I want to continue helping people and raising awareness for something that’s very close to home for me.

“If anyone out there wants to come in to my gym not only to train but even for a chat in confidence, my doors will be open for you.”

The CG club offers 1-2-1 training but also holds mixed adult sessions and sessions for young people aged eight to 16.

Connor, who last year worked with Ramsgate’s Joe Shaw in his continued recovery after an attack left him with life-changing injuries, hopes to be able to grow the gym and expand the community side of the business.

He said: “I want to grow the business, boxing and fitness training and the clothing, and eventually expand.”

CG Fitness Boxing Club sessions

Youngsters sessions are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5pm-6pm. Mixed adult sessions are the same days from 6pm-7pm. 1-1 sessions throughout the week by appointment.

CG Boxing and Fitness Gym is at Unit 8, Sharps Place, Ellington Road, Ramsgate, CT11 9TD

Find out more, and book, on the facebook page here


  1. Great to see someone trying to not only improve their lives but also others.

    Good luck with the venture and hope it’s a success for all!

  2. I joined a boxing team 60 odd years ago, when I was in the Army, in BAOR, mainly for extra food! We trained for 15 X 3 minute rounds to fight for 3 minutes in the ring, I was good enough to qualify for the Amateur Boxing Association (AB) championships, but didn’t go for what I now know were political reasons!

    I am opposed to boxing, especially female boxing now, because the object is to cause your opponent brain damage, although other parts of the body score points, mainly the sol plexus, which could be very dangerous for women/ girls. I recently had a brain scan, and a small blod vessel was found to be blocked! This could have been caused by other head trauma I suffered over the years, but I was knocked out occasionally usually during training. So, by all means train, but avoid head punches!

  3. Connor’s a good guy and was a talented boxer, I really wish him well with his new venture.

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