Solo exhibition Shimmy to open at The Lido Stores

Shimmy at The Lido Stores

A new exhibition opens at The Lido Stores in Cliftonville tomorrow (April 28).

Shimmy is a solo exhibition of paintings by Margate and London based artist Julie Caves.

Julie has an MA from the University of the Arts London (2004) and more recently completed two years at the acclaimed independent art school, Turps Studio Painting Programme. She has exhibited extensively in London and Margate, Europe and the UK.

She lives in Margate with a studio practice in London.

Julie said: “When I am out in the world and I see a combination of shapes or colours that I like, I take a photo or make a note or sketch. It is often a close look at a part of something. I then use that as a starting point for a painting.

“Some people might call them abstract paintings but they are paintings of things, they are just ambiguous, uncertain things. I want the viewer to recognise that there is ‘something’ there in the painting but not be sure what it is.”

A gallery spokesperson said: “The works displayed in Shimmy fill our gallery with small, gem-like paintings, each dancing with line, colour and light. There is something effortlessly alluring about Julie’s paintings, they are friendly and inviting, yet curious.

“The application of paint, with a sort of dancing line, is anchored in a natural and playful sense of curiosity about the world at large, while light infuses the paintings with freshness and levity. The painting subject matter seems to operate on the periphery of the familiar every day and the abstract – like an inquisitive side-glance at something unexpected. A delight in being surprised.”


The Lido Stores, Ethelbert Terrace, Cliftonville

Thursday 28 April – Sunday 8 May

Private view, Friday 29 April, 6pm-8pm


  1. well i think this takes the biscuit ! even tracey emin would struggle to match this s**t , i wonder what mr j.m.w turner who we hear so much about would make of these masterpieces ????????????????

  2. Lots laugh at these 5yr standard of art but who are the mugs ?

    You need a MA in arts to paint like this. Than people buy them.

    We laugh at this so called art but perhaps these ‘artists’ are laughing at us lol and the people that buy them.

    If people didnt buy this ‘art’ than the artist might have to do really art

  3. I like looking at art but would i purchase an original or ltd edition print?. That new pub in ramsgate high st is currently displaying some interesting art from another local artist.
    Nice to see and a nice bar too.

    Ohh i dont class a dirty bedroom as art, thats more of a project for filtyhouse sos.

  4. The new breed of artists are seriously taking the p**s in Margate, they’ve become an elite, privileged and condescending group and the fact that they so often display a total lack of talent means they deserve every bit of scorn they get. However I can’t see any indication that this artist is taking over a large building for some incomprehensible ‘creative’ scheme or claiming that art will bring untold prosperity to the town or persuading TCC to bankroll yet another arty group or whatever. Plus her work’s okay and she’s displaying it in a little shop.

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