Cannabis cultivation discovered in Ramsgate property

Plants found inside the property Image Kent Police

A cannabis cultivation has been discovered in a Ramsgate property following a reported burglary.

Kent Police received a report at 10.50pm yesterday (April 26) of people trying to enter a domestic property in Albion Road.

At the scene officers found that the wiring to the property had been damaged and six rooms had been converted into cultivation areas for cannabis plants.

Police seized an estimated 760 plants and dismantled the cultivation equipment.

No arrests have been made and enquiries remain ongoing.


  1. John Prentice was spot on and correct when he said he could not compete with Westwood X superstores. When it was given the green light to be developed TDC must have been aware of the effect on established businesses in town. A dramatic plan is now necessary to rescue our town shops. Government & Councils need to act fast before it is an impossible task

    • Of course they (TDC) were aware, everyone was shouting its effect out loud. Many, many written posts were found in the back of decrepit cupboards and desks, some even un-opened.
      Most Businesses in the High Streets promised to stay there, then moved to W.C.
      It was all just the usual lies and deceit from a “toxic & Dysfunctional” Council at that time!
      Things haven’t changed much, except for shops & businesses deserting W.C.
      Good luck!

    • I didn’t realise Prentice sold weed. It’s sad all the punters are going to Westwood X to but their pot instead these days.

  2. John Prentice was spot on and correct when he said he could not compete with Westwood X superstores. How many more closures will it take before action is taken to help our shops . It appears they are doomed as there are problems trading and problems converting to residential.

    • Just think a couple of establishments were given awards for the beer it created a few weeks ago. And alcohol is way more harmful than weed

      • Disagree Den, the weed people smoke now is way more powerful than what I smoked 15years ago. The links between super strength cannabis and psychosis and schizophrenia are well known to doctors. The super strength cannabis actually creates aggressive tendencies.
        I always used to highlight the positives of smoking weed when I was younger but really can’t condone it now when you see the harm it’s having on peoples mental state.

        • I’m not a weed supporter, but at the same time we need to realise our deep rooted relationship with alcohol that is doing more damage than weed in the long run

        • Smoking anything damages lungs, fact! Its one of the most preventable killers in the world! But what has all the comments about Prentice closing got to do with it?

  3. Concerned, as someone who has smoked weed for over 30 years I can promise you the weed we are smoking now is no stronger than what most people were smoking 15 years ago. Super skunk is a term used by the daily mail and the sun, usually in capital letters, to make it seem like we are all a bunch of drugged up zombies. Nothing could be further from the truth. You only have to look at the 420 celebration in Hyde Park to see that alot of cannabis smokers are productive high functioning people. The proof is in your claim that the link between this super skunk and mental health issues which of corse could not be proven if it was only 15 years. Have you walked through margate or ramsgate late on a Friday night? The damage alcahol does to society is right there to see. Cheap booze and bars that are open at 9am only make it worse. But the government gets their tax from that so there’s no mass hypnosis through the mainstream media. It’s estimated that the cannabis market in the UK is worth 9 billion pounds a year, why aren’t we legalising and collecting the tax from that?

    • Also Shaggy alcohol companies have a big say over certain laws being passed in the country. Thats why weed will never be legalised, which would improve it’d quality anyway

    • Shaggy. You only have to look at the crime statistics. More and more people are being affected by cannabis. Cannabis psychosis is mentioned a hell of a lot now in the criminal justice system. Yes a lot of people can function with zero side affects but unfortunately there are thousands who end with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

      I smoked the stuff for nearly 25 years and loved it. I used to say I would never stop smoking it, I used to preach the benefits of it but in truth it is a harmful product for many people. It’s the same as when you smoke normal fags, you always tell people you love the stuff and it’s only when you quit you realise how badly it was affecting you. Try giving it up for a month, you won’t regret it.

    • Did u no mp Theresa mays husband is the biggest distributor of weed in uk an grows it in uk to go abroad.kinda of ironic don’t u think,the law stands when it wants a

  4. Again I don’t think it’s good for your health Dumpton, but people’s precious alcohol is way way worse and has much bigger negative effects on our society, but so socially embedded

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