Persian language TV channel films tin bath ‘art performance’ on Margate beach

Presenter Sasan Samaei on Margate beach Photo Frank Leppard

A man sitting in a tin bath with an anchor on Margate beach on Saturday was taking part in an art challenge for Persian language TV.

Manoto channel presenters Sasan Samaei and Mo Yari were filming in the town for around two weeks as they made an attempt to ‘become artists.’

The channel chose Margate because of its vibrant art community. The pair visited Turner Contemporary, The Margate School and filmed with a local painter and a sculptor.

Photo Frank Leppard

Sasan was in the bath on the beach for some live performance art – but  despite tweeting from his @MargateArtSasan twitter account he failed to drum up an audience.

Photo Frank Leppard

The programme will be streamed live through the Manoto website and dedicated YouTube channel  which has a core target audience of 40m Persian speaking viewers across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

Sasan and Yari feature in a reality entertainment series with each episode following their journey, as competitive friends, to challenge each other to try and learn about something they’ve never tried to master before.

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  1. But at least this fool was unable to drum up an audience for this latest escapade of nonsense under the banner of art !

    If a chap wants to be filmed in a tin bath on Margate beach then that is great . . . provided he pays for it himself and it is not ”funded” in some way by the public purse of from a supposed charity.

    Clearly the locals have has enough and even the fellow ”luvvies” and ”artists” failed to turn out to witness, support or participate.

    Perhaps the bubble has finally burst ?

    • John

      I dont think the bubble will burst. TC will still be getting millions of our taxes year in year out. TC knows it doesnt need to stand on it’s own to feet like alot of other industries. TC gets a free pass to our taxes. I really dont understand why the TC csnt stand on it’s own two feet. It tells us so many millions visit. Are TC saying that if it was free these people wouldn’t visit ? I pay to go to cinema, sports events, music gigs, the theatre. Yet if I want to look art the standard of a 5 year its comes out of our taxes. People should pay like everyone else does to follow their hobbies.

      The government, local government and TDC have all put our money into the art sector to turn England and thanet around.

      Like other have said I dont recognise thanet or margate anymore, it isnt the place I grew up in.
      We had factories we had jobs for the working classes.
      Thatcher destroyed the working classes and now thanet and margate are wanting the middle classes with their arty friends to take over and save us. Factories arent coming back nor is manston airport but I think we need to be investing in more areas and not just art.

      I would have hoped there was room for both but all we ready about are loans/grants to this art project that art project. And that’s be honest most of this art is of the standard of a 5 year old.

      You have to hand it the arty sector they are very good at PR and selling their dream to keep getting these loads/grants.

  2. These guys are comedians aren’t they? They’re not artists. They were taking the Mickey, much as many of us do. Well … I think that’s what they were doing, Persian language comedy is a bit of a niche subject.

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