Location, Location, Location presenter gets sign language lesson from Westgate’s Wilfred Jenkins

Phil and Wilfred in Westgate

Westgate resident Wilfred Jenkins continues his mission to teach sign language/Makaton to as many celebrities as possible by adding television presenter and journalist Phil Spencer to his list today (April 25).

The celeb was in Westgate’s Ethelbert Crescent filming for the Location, Location, Location property show which he co-presents with Kirstie Allsopp.

Wilfred, who is deaf and autistic, has become a bit of a Thanet celebrity himself through his attendance at  isle events, charity fundraising, volunteering and social media posts which include regular sign language videos.

The 25-year-old chatted to Phil today and taught him the sign for house.

Wilfred said: “One of my support staff told me about him when she saw him. He was lovely and kind and my mum was on FaceTime with me when he came over to see me!”

The crew have also been filming in Broadstairs and met up with Kent Surf School.

Actor Martin Freeman with Wilfred Jenkins from Westgate while filming in Broadstairs

Other celebrities who have had a sign language lesson from Wilfred include Office and Hobbit star Martin Freeman who was in Broadstairs in 2020 shooting scenes for his Sky series Breeders; Dr Ranj; Dave Benson Phillips and ‘Mr Tumble.’

Location, Location, Location is a long-running property search show that is screened on Channel 4.


  1. What’s sign language for ‘house prices are quite high enough here already without you & Kirsty pushing them up even more’? Oh hang on, I think I know the shorthand.

  2. Quite a few overvalued houses sticking at the higher end of the market in Thanet it it seems. Folk have their limits on their location location spend, and the market is cooling down rapidly the non property PR people are saying. But Phil Spencer is one of the nice guys from what I’ve seen.

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