Thanet council providing free covid lateral flow tests for residents on low incomes

Lateral flow testing kits testing for Covid-19 Credit: TraceyAPhotos

Thanet council will provide free covid lateral flow tests to people on low incomes.

Since April 1 only those classified as clinically vulnerable are able to obtain free lateral flow tests through the NHS website with all other people now having to pay for the tests.

However, Thanet council has provided free kits to Thanet food banks in a bid to make sure tests are available to   Thanet residents who are on a low income or claiming a means tested benefit such as Universal Credit.

People who are eligible can pick up a free test from:

  • The Salvation Army – Union Crescent, Margate CT9 1NS
  • The Salvation Army – 167a High Street, Ramsgate CT11 9TT
  • Global Generation – Unit 2 Westwood Industrial Estate, Strasbourg Street, Margate CT9 4JJ
  • Cliftonville Community Centre – Cliftonville Hall, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2DB
  • The GAP Project – Queens Road Baptist Church, Queens Road, Broadstairs CT10 1NU
  • Newington Big Local – Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate CT12 6HX
  • Margate Independent Food Bank – 6 Duke St, Margate CT9 1EP
  • Thanet Food Link – St Paul’s Church, Northdown Rd, Cliftonville CT9 2RD
  • Westgate Town Council – 78 St Mildreds Road, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8RF
  • Our Kitchen – 51 High Street, Margate CT9 1DX
  • Our Kitchen – St George’s Church Hall, Broad Street, Ramsgate CT11 8RA


    • It’d be only fair to know how much this is going to cost, the council can’t perform its statutory duties properly and is quick to harp on about lack of funding, but sees fit to chuck money down the drain on tests for the anxious, will there be a questionnaire on weight, smoking/drinking/drug habits, exercise taken etc etc and advice given on the risks this might reveal in relation to covid and life in general?

        • I had an comment deleted on here because it referred to the “massively” successful efforts of a food bank as evidenced by the picture that accompanied the article. You’ve also referred to iphone toting large people at food banks in a comment you made.
          But all that aside i referred to a questionnaire regarding peoples lifestyles and appropriate advice, if they had no responses of concern and still requested a test then maybe it would be the most appropriate response.

    • Peter, councils were given money specifically for COVID response. This money is then used for – covid response and not sweeping the roads. The way the local councils is funded is decided by the government and there is VERY strict ring fencing of money. It’s no as simple as saying – let’s spend money here or there – they have to follow strict rules and budgets.

    • You do realise that (a) These tests are far less reliable on the latest variants than previously, and (b) The symptoms are now far less severe? I’ve almost certainly had Covid for the past week (perking up a bit today), though as I only tested negative (tried two tests), I went out shopping and on public transport as usual – just as I would if I had a cold. I suggest others get on with their lives and do the same.

      • Not taking a test is even less reliable than taking a test that’s quite reliable.
        The stupidity of your argument is that although (for most people) the consequences aren’t fatal or requiring hospitalization, they still make you ill. And, if you’re a working person and you feel ill, you’ll take time off work. And that means planes don’t fly, trains don’t move, delivery trucks stay in their depots, and hospital ICUs are understaffed.
        But the problem with Covid is that for several days before you feel the symptoms, you’re contagious, and will spread the disease to others that you might meet, on the bus, for example.
        With regular testing, even with LFTs, it is likely that if you are infected but asymptomatic you will test positive. Then you can do the right thing and take a few days of work.
        To travel on public transport, knowing that you had an infectious disease, be it Covid, flu, the common cold or Ebola, was the hight of social irresponsibility. Just think, when the next bus doesn’t come, it could be because the driver caught something from you.
        You are, with out doubt, a pariah.
        Please do us a favour. Wear a big badge when you’re out and about “My name is Peter Checksfield. I might be contagious with a highly infectious disease, but I don’t care as long as I can get on with my life”.

        • Read my comments again Andrew… I tested NEGATIVE! So, having free tests wouldn’t make any difference, it may well have been a cold or allergy (however, I’ve been in contact with several people who have had identical symptoms and tested positive for Covid).

          • I agree with you Peter. It was always just a flu from the start. You dont get a government telling you we are all gonna lose loved ones and we are in a war like situation and then going off to party if thats really the case. They knew from the start. Alot of clashes of interest. Patrick advising us while having millions invested in pharmaceuticals. The likes of Andrew would have us locked down taking tests everyday forevermore because he still believes in a mainstream media who are forver looking to create problems. Its a worry when this war stops selling for them. Will they start harping on about lockdowns yet again?

      • Peter – despite the narrative set by people such as yourself – COVID is nothing like the flu or the cold and even with the restrictions and the vaccines the death rate remains high than colds or in fact the flu.

        “Living with covid” means adapting. What you are suggesting is ignoring covid and allowing many of our loved ones to die. Or we could live relatively restriction free and just show some common sense.

        Obviously I’m talking science and not bluster which I appreciate many of the British public are fed up with facts, science and expert and prefer bluster led nonsense. Each to their own.

  1. That was a message from Peter your local scientist and professor in anxiety issues!

    Next question comes from??

  2. According to office of national Statistics if the figures are correct, from the 23rd of March 2020 to March 2022
    The number of people with no underlying health conditions who died from Covid was 17479. The average number of people who die each year In the U.K. is over 700,000 from all causes. if the government can’t be bothered to issue the test kits anymore then I’m not going to pay for them or go cap- in-hand to a food bank for one.

      • We’ll never know the real numbers that covid alone killed, the stats have been so abused to pursue the covid agenda and avoid responsibility that they’re effectively meaningless. In the fullness of time it’ll be finally accepted that being a fat, unfit, unhealthy nation was our problem and not covid itself.

        • LC – what a load of nonsense. Underlying conditions included Asthma, genetic conditions, people with cancer, pretty much any Illness – are you suggesting anyone who has a “under lying” condition is disposable?

          That’s a disgusting attitude towards other humans that have conditions not of their own doing.

          • That wasn’t what i said, for clarification the UK was affected by covid to a much greater extent than would have been the case were it not for the state of the nations health primarily far too many obese, unfit and substance abusers. Were it not for the irrsponsible the measures we took would not have needed to be as draconian and we could have spent more protecting those who were vulnerable through no fault of their own.
            That clear enough for you?

  3. As far as l can tell TDC don’t clean the streets, haven’t seen any kind of street cleaner in my area for years ,do thanet council still have street cleaners, so why shouldn’t they supply testing equipment for people on low income,as you probably find the government have made it readily available to councils free of charge anyway.

  4. I am happy to contribute towards those tests. Even positive sometimes means you can take action to slow the spread & help to stop some people being seriously ill. Well unless you are someone like peter checksfield that is.

    • Marva Rees I take your comments aimed at “Sort it out” are concerning their comments about street cleaning in Thanet. I lived in Ramsgate until fairly recently and the area where I lived rarely saw a street cleaner ( not their fault as there are so few of them and they are battling a tide of filth) I use to clean the road where I lived at least three times a week getting a bucket load each time, cans, bottles, discarded fast food cartons etc. at the end of two weeks an extra sack of refuse was filled and taken by the hardworking binmen. Thankfully I know longer have to clean the road as I have moved to a far cleaner area and it’s not in Thanet!

  5. Hard working bin men??

    The same hard workers who decide to miss out streets!!

    The same hard workers how cause a lot of the rubbish on the floor!!

    Shouldn’t need road cleaners outside of the town centres/ Seafronts

    More bins would be helpful on busy streets for people to use too.

    Anyway I’m happy for my council tax to help those who want to test themselves.
    I’m sure they’ll be another topic tomorrow and the day after and the day after that etc etc that Checkfield will have an expert opinion on!!.

    • Oh no or whatever your real name is the binmen in Thanet do an exceedingly difficult job hampered on many occasions by inconsiderate parking! As far as your comment “ shouldn’t need road cleaners outside of the town centres/seafronts” in theory and certainly in many places you don’t but in many areas of Thanet including residential areas away from the town centres you do because of a minority of filthy lazy individuals.

      Finally if you are going to be critical of binmen and others on here have the courtesy and courage to publish under your real name.

  6. Give me strength. Covid response and living with covid safely has NOTHING to do with cleaning the roads!!!!!!!

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