Police, including armed officers, attend Newington property after report of group assault on woman

Emergency services

Police, including armed officers, were called to a property in St John’s Crescent, Ramsgate at 3,15pm today (April 14) following a report that a woman had been assaulted by a group of people earlier on the same day.

Kent Police say it was also reported that a weapon had been seen during the incident. Several people have been arrested and taken into custody.

Officers remain at the scene to continue their enquiries into the incident.


    • There was an assault on a young girl actually! Grown adults standing around egging them on and laughing! Poor kid was getting battered! Police were obviously called for that reason before anyone makes out they are completely innocent! They are not!

    • As you are clearly a witness for the defence you should not be reciting your evidence in the public domain prior to any trial.

  1. good old ramsgate nothing changes , armed police on a thusday afternoon , its getting like detroit

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