‘Day of Scum’ festival to showcase isle artists, poets and musicians

Scum of Thanet creators Dolly Springthorpe and Eleanor Cooke

A bi-monthly event celebrating isle artists, poets and musicians is being held at Elsewhere music venue and record shop in Margate.

Scum of Thanet is the creation of friends Eleanor Cooke and Dolly Springthorpe. Events organiser Eleanor runs the nights with Dolly helping to host. The events raise cash for MiCommunity social shop.

Eleanor said: “The concept for Scum of Thanet was partially inspired by the inclusive atmosphere of’ ‘Babeslams’, local poetry nights run by the fantastic Elz Ward. Shortly after our first ever performances, we envisioned the birth of our own talent night; The Scum of Thanet.

“Growing up within the local area, we often heard Thanet labelled a ‘scummy’ area, and wished to defy these negative connotations. The charity ‘Micommunity Margate’ was selected for the donation of profits. Once a food bank, now a shop providing subsidised goods for the community and connecting those who need it to support services, the charity provides crucial support to residents of the area.”

Despite the first two events being ad-hoc, their success has secured  a bi-monthly spot at Elsewhere, and the creative licence for the production of other events.

‘Day of the Scum’, a day festival incorporating art and poetry related workshops, open mic slots and performances from local bands, will take place on April 17.

Eleanor hopes Scum of Thanet will inspire those nervous to sell their art or showcase their creativity, with an aim of reaching those in the community who have felt restricted in their ability to share their work.

She said: “I witness on a day to day basis the difficulties many of us in the area are facing in terms of housing and social inequality, and now more than ever I think it is important to form spaces that serve as an outlet for the frustration borne from this.

“This is part what I am hoping to help create with Scum of Thanet and why it is so important to me to support Micommunity Margate with ticket sales – they have done so much to support a struggling community.”

Day of Scum on April 17 opens at 11,45am, workshops from noon, open mic from 5.30pm and live bands from 8.30pm.

Tickets start at £6. Book here

Enquire about future performance slots on the @scumofthanet Instagram page, or alternatively by contacting Eleanor at [email protected]


  1. nor me peter , i dont think my patience would run to this nonsense , even if it was free , let alone paying for the privilege

  2. It’s great to be positive about local community events, whether your taste or not. Proceeds going to charity too? That has to be a good thing! I will try and get down to see what it’s all about. Bravo Scummers. 👏👏👏

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