Witness appeal after couple attack man in 60s in Cliftonville

Image Kent Police

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man in his 60s was knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked by two assailants in Cliftonville.

The attack took place at 8.30am on Wednesday 6 April. The victim was knocked to the ground by a man and a woman and repeatedly kicked during the assault in Ethelbert Road before two members of the public intervened and the offenders left the scene.

The culprits are described as both between 5ft 3ins and 5ft 5ins tall.

Information about the incident is being sought by officers and in particular police would like to speak to the two members of the public who helped the victim after the assault.

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/64130/22.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the online form.


  1. So let’s look out for anyone 5ft 3 to 5ft 5 then… How about a description of clothes or god forbid an actual description of their looks…or if on the off chance they are not white will it be racist ????

  2. Although alot of people see rising rents and housing prices from the recent influx from Londoners its the only way its going to become a nicer area and people like this get filtered out. For years people leaving prison or other problems saw our area (especially Margate) as a haven to go to because it was so cheap. Seaside towns with beaches like ours should be a premium area where people who want to live and by and harness the areas possibilities should live. Not people commiting acts like this. If we all work hard we can make this a great and pleasurable place to live and the extra bit of money we have to pay as a small sacrifice for living in safer neighbourhoods without people moving and living here who have no care for it

    • Totally agree Total. Let’s stop trying to turn Margate into Shoreditch on sea, and start turning it into Knightsbridge on sea!

  3. Joris, I fully agree with what you say no dash cam request or CCTV but 5ft 3in to 5ft 5in give or take an inch or two unfortunately the victim did not have a tape measure with him to be more precise. What a sick joke. We were in New when our son who lives in the USA. He had a police call come over his car radio saying a suspect had just rob a store 20 minutes earlier and they gave the description of the suspect and the get-away vehicle registration within minutes the same vehicle drove into the same car park as us it was just in front of us the suspect got out of one car and into another. .My son gave the police the details and within an hour of the crime the man had been arrested. Over here the police like us to play charades.

  4. yes and the yanks – bless em dont mind blasting a few holes in the suspects , over here its a bit of community payback or 12 weeks holiday on the isle of sheppey

      • No – over here the thugs prefer to attack older, weaker victims with their feet – and then continue to kick them in the head when they are down on the ground . . .

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