Broadstairs Town Team need you for Platinum Jubilee celebrations

HM Queen Elizabeth Credit Kylie Ellwa/istock

During the first week in June, there will be a celebration event to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the centre of Broadstairs, for the entire community to participate in and enjoy.

Broadstairs Town Team wants to capture local people’s individual memories and stories linked to events from the Coronation in 1953 right through all Jubilees to the present day.

Pavement Pounders, a specialist memory capture team, will be recording stories and memories from the community about their Jubilee.

The Town Team will also take still images/portraits on a ‘2022 Jubilee backdrop’ – to be designed as part of a competition involving schools and a Production Company will shoot  ‘The making of Broadstairs Jubilee Stories ‘short film.

A Jubilee celebration tea will be provided for everyone that gets involved.

The Town Team want to take a multi-media ‘snapshot’ of the town’s vibrant and varied community here in 2022 and need your help.

Wherever you experienced ‘your Jubilee ‘here in Broadstairs or elsewhere, the team would love to hear from:

  • People who have direct recollections of the Coronation itself – anyone who will  happily share their stories from the build up to and the day itself, and how they and their family or community celebrated or participated at the time.
  • People who experienced the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in February 1977, their stories and recollections.
  • Participants in any form of celebration, event or installation from the Golden Jubilee in 2002, and participants in any of the Diamond Jubilee events in 2012
  • Children and Young people for whom the Platinum Jubilee will be their first experience of any kind of Royal Jubilee – what the Queen and ‘a Jubilee’ means to them today.

Broadstairs Town Team has been awarded funding by both The Lottery Community Fund and  The Arts Council Queen’s Jubilee Fund to help bring this unique experience and event to life for everyone in the town to enjoy.

Details of venue, date and timing are being finalised, but people are asked to register their interest now.

A Town Team spokesperson said: “Whether you’d like to be involved as an individual, a family, a social club group or a school, we’d love you to take part in this very special celebration and hear your stories.

“There will be a chance to dress up for your portrait, and Town Team will be running a competition with local schools to design a backdrop for the photographic portraits.”

For more information and to get involved, whether as a participant or a volunteer, please email [email protected] or visit:


  1. Yes I remember the coronation street party in 1953, but I wouldn’t have gone if I had known the royal family, and many others, had made their money in the slave trade! In the early 1800’s Queen Ann donated £2,000 to the Church of England as an endowment to train priests, its worth £9.2 billion today so I saw reported! Much of the wealth the royal family have today was made in the slave trade, and the only thing that would make me celebrate the jubilee would be if all that money was reimbursed back to the mostly Caribbean countries, where the population live largely in poverty!

  2. As tbe Queen is now a disabled old lady how about celebrating the rest of us disabled residents with ac reliable working lift?

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