Prison sentence for Ramsgate thug who slashed man’s face

Jailed: Kai John Laing Image BTP

A violent thug who slashed a man across the face with a Stanley knife at Ashford International station has been jailed for four years and eight months following a British Transport Police (BTP) investigation.

Kai John Laing, 21, of Manston Road, Ramsgate, appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on 7 February where he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an offensive weapon.

On Friday 8 April, a judge sentenced him to 56 months imprisonment. He will also serve a further 36 months on licence following his jail term.

At just after 10.30pm on Monday 3 January, the victim and two friends were stood outside Ashford International station when Laing and his partner walked by the group, looking at them as he did so.

One of them asked if he was OK, to which Laing replied “cushtie”.

Laing stopped and handed his shopping bags and work boots to his partner, pulled out a Stanley knife from his waistband and approached the three men.

As he got closer to the group, one of the men pushed him away before Laing swung the knife in the face of the 19-year-old victim, causing a 10-centimetre gash in the victim’s cheek.

Laing then repeatedly shouted “that’s my name, Kai John Laing” and left the location.

Emergency services were called, and the victim was rushed to hospital where he received stitches to the open wound on his cheek.

The day after the attack Laing was identified as the culprit and officers attended his home address, arrested him and conveyed him to police custody for questioning.

In interview officers presented Laing with a photo of his victim’s injury, and he responded by laughing.

Detective Constable Ellen Whinney said: “This was a despicable act of violence that resulted in the victim, who Laing had met just moments before the attack, sustaining a horrifying facial injury.

“His actions on that evening were ghastly and brainless – I’m glad that he’ll spend his immediate future behind bars where he can’t harm anyone else.

“Thankfully incidents of this nature are extremely rare on the railway network, however if you do witness violence as you travel, please report it to us by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40. In an emergency, always dial 999.”


  1. Not long enough or severe enough. Dangerous dogs are put down, why should he be treated differently? He is clearly defective and unlikely to go from this to enriching humanity somehow.

  2. well said jim , you beat me to it , the useless piece of s**t should be dealt with properly , a hot poker comes to mind. he will only come out of there thinking hes bugsy malone

    • If a red hot poker is used, insert the cold end first, so he burns his hand trying to pull it out. I don’t think this suggestion has been made elsewhere, has it?

    • Quite clearly people such as this should not be released back into society.

      This moron chooses to arm himself with a Stanley knife with the intention of slashing peoples’ faces. He has now succeeded in doing just that. He is undoubtedly very pleased with himself.

      He is only going to be inside for a couple of years and then let out to do it again. Will you feel safe if he comes and lives in your street and walks past you every day with his Stanley knife in his pocket waiting for his next opportunity ?

    • Only the defective ones that brutally assault others and pose risk to human life. Unless, of course, you think this charming gentleman is going to be rehabilitated and go on to do great things for civilisation?

  3. There are several options for the British justice system between “putting down” violent criminals (actually, this isn’t an option here) and rehabilitating them in such a way that they “go on to do great things for civilization”.

    • Well, call me militant, but if someone had done this to my son, daughter, brother, sister etc. I’d gladly put them down myself.

    • And what are the chances of this moron doing something great for civilisation (like becoming a plastic surgeon who works pro bono for people who have been scarred for life by vicious knife-wielding thugs) or what are the chances of him coming out of prison and going on to maim or kill somebody else ?

      What do you think are the percentages ?

    • ps

      Don’t forget that this psychopath laughed when he was shown a photo of the victim’s wound that he had inflicted.

      This moron actually thinks it is funny to go round randomly slashing innocent stranger’s faces with a Stanley knife.

      He probably laughed again when he found he would only actually spend two years incarcerated.

    • The first thing that scrote should do is pay the person he assaulted 100k and until such time as he does , he lives in an open cell , no tv/internet/ car/ takeaways/ designer clothing etc. plus his social life restricted to mixing with similarly violent miscreants.

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