Former school land in Broadstairs expected to be sold for more than £1m

Former school land for sale Image proplist

By Local Democracy Reporter Ciaran Duggan

Former school land is likely sold for more than £1 million by Kent County Council.

KCC has unveiled proposals to sell 1.46 acres of land at Saxon House, in Tina Gardens, Broadstairs which was previously used as the Foreland Special Educational Needs school.

Foreland Fields School moved to Newlands Lane in Ramsgate in 2017, caters for 220 young pupils and is rated “good” by Ofsted.

KCC has considered using the Saxon House building but says it will now dispose of the asset after it was deemed “surplus to requirements”.

A KCC report published online says: “The sale of the property will result in a capital receipt for KCC, which will be used to support our capital programme. Disposal of the property will produce a saving on the current holding costs.”

The site originally housed the single storey educational building in the 1980s and 1990s, alongside a grassed open space.

The education authority says the vacant building is now being progressed for disposal. If approved, the proposed sale is anticipated to bring in more than £1million. This will be used to support the running of council services and further economic investment in other areas.

A KCC report adds: “The property is surplus to our requirements with an estimated transaction value of over £1million and is therefore a key decision.”

The potential sale will be discussed at County Hall’s next policy and resources on Wednesday, May 4.

A final decision will be made by KCC’s deputy leader, Cllr Peter Oakford (Con) although the site is already being marketed via Proplist.


  1. Yet more of the family silver being disposed. The Austerity Party are selling EVREYTHING, leaving nothing for future generations. Same applies to TDC. but their Donors are “Over the Moon”

  2. Just woke up from a power nap and thought I was dreaming I was not dreaming more ASSET SELLING OMH. GREEN LAND DESTRUCTION
    OKAY… NO enough destruction TDC we have no green land for future generations.
    You seen the state of grey roads tdc tell kcc before green you make good our roads. Heavy loads, pollution and sold to whom.. Mps in Parliament to sell for pure GREED NOT GREEN

    • Go back to sleep Rebecca! It would appear that the result of the sale will be used for capital works, not services which is a different budget, most probably the site will be used for housing, any objections?

  3. As I have said before the Tories have sold off billions upon billions of pounds of taxpayers property starting with Thatcher selling off council house’s that took billions of pounds away from councils in assets and rental income / utilities companies / psychiatric hospitals / schools / school playing fields. They have sold off the fabric of Britain really.
    You name the Tories will sell it. It’s blatantly theft it was the TAXPAYERS money that purchased those assets and the Tories sold them to BUY VOTES. What benefits or improvements have come from the sell-offs to the general public none at all. Shortage of mental heath beds shortage of council houses higher utility bills more pot holes less street cleaning underfunded NHS the list goes on and on. On the television the reporter ask the man “ were you surprised that your council house that you brought for £60,000 you have now sold for £ 650,000.” at auction. The man replied “ well I felt more embarrassed than surprised that I was able to pay so little for it and get so much back” Disgusting Tories.

  4. Honestly, they would sell off their own mothers underwear if they could!

    Why can’t the profits benefit local schools in Broadstairs?

    “Welcome to Kent, the patio of England.”

  5. Why could the green space not be used the the thousands of boys & girls, young adults and adults involved in grassroots football, as well as, other sports in the Thanet area?
    I am desperate for football pitches to give our children better opportunities, why don’t TDC & KCC consider this. Better community engagement.

  6. I’m all for giving the Tories the kicking they richly deserve for the way they’ve sold our country. However,there are occasions when some of the things they do are, whether by luck or good judgement worthwhile.
    The land being sold for £1m was part of a mixed ownership site. The school there was relocated in 2017 to a new site costing upwards of £15m on land KCC already owned. On this occasion KCC paid it forward.
    The old site ‘s sale offset the cost of providing a new build much more suitable for its students.

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