Young litter pickers launch poster campaign

From left to right are Holly aged 9, Sophia aged 6, Molly aged 10, Jaz aged 9 and Marley aged 7

Young volunteers with the Palm Bay & Northdown Community group have decided to tackle litter issues head on by launching a poster campaign.

The posters are appearing in shop windows and other spaces to encourage the public to do their bit to keep the area litter free.

Scott Manclark, who is a member of the group along with his daughters Holly and Sophia, said: “It’s so great to see our younger volunteers taking an active part in highlighting the litter problem.

“Educating at young age about the environmental impact of litter is key to resolving the issue for future generations and this is one of the reasons we carry out community litter picks which are family friendly.

“The example these children are setting for others is fantastic and I’m immensely proud of them.”

Holly, 9, Sophia, 6, Molly, 10, Jaz, 9, and seven-year-old Marley are the team behind the poster campaign.

Palm Bay and Northdown Community group host family friendly litter picks approximately every 6 weeks. Anyone who would like to find out more can join the group on Facebook or the next door app at:

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