Roma artists’ exhibition Nice To Meet You/ Som Rado Hoij Tumen Spindzardom at Turner Contemporary 

Roma art on show at Turner Contemporary

A display of art by female Slovak and Czech Roma artists has gone on display at Turner Contemporary.

Nice To Meet You/ Som Rado Hoij Tumen Spindzardom  is a project by artists Jarmila, Anna, Martina, Beata and Ivana who worked with visual artist, Joy Martindale and were supported by Counterpoints art and the Arts Council.

Jarmila is also the artist behind the flyer artwork for the exhibition.

Created through a program of regular workshops as part of a wider healthy lifestyle project, the exhibition is a series of paintings on canvas and paper. The works are of the artists’ personal interests and aim is to show art can bring communities together.

Despite difficulties meeting through the pandemic, the artists still managed to create the  collection, with support from Iveta Janova, the Roma inclusion manager with the Samphire Project in Dover.

Nice To Meet You is one of the schemes aimed at improving community relations and looking at marginalisation and inequality.

Artist Jarmila said: ““I am studying at the moment  Business  Management. I love  painting because it keeps my  mind away from negative thoughts.

“My mind and my soul feel relaxed .Thanks to painting I am spending time with my daughter as she loves painting too and the time we spend just beautiful.”

Fellow artist Ivana added: “I enjoy painting when I am in pain. I only concentrate on the colours and it makes me feel very relaxed . You don’t have to be a professional artist to be able to enjoy painting.”

Roma communities in many countries, including the UK and even Slovakia where Roma are the second largest minority group, continue to face unequal access to employment, education, health and social services compared to non-Roma Slovakian people.

The Exhibition is free to visit and will be on show at the Turner Contemporary, Wednesday – Sunday 10am-5pm until Sunday, April 24.