Woman arrested on suspicion of cosmetics and clothing thefts from Margate stores

Police made an arrest Photo Roy Foord

Stolen cosmetics and clothing worth hundreds of pounds have been recovered after PCSOs stopped a shoplifting suspect in Margate town centre.

Following reports of thefts from businesses, Police Community Support Officers Jake Angell and Adam Herod were on patrol in the High Street yesterday (March 31) when they saw a woman acting suspiciously.

Having heard a report that a theft had just taken place at a commercial premises nearby, the PCSOs confronted the woman and stopped her leaving until a town centre police officer arrived and arrested her.

Recovered clothing

Two bags of suspected stolen items worth an estimated £300 were recovered by police.

The 28-year-old woman from Margate was released on bail pending further enquiries.


  1. So we all pay more to cover the cost of thieving. £300’s worth of goods on a regular basis adds up to potentially someone being employed in some other form other than stealing.

  2. All looks pretty basic to me. Cosmetics are appallingly overpriced and Primark clothes are made in sweatshops. Those are two crimes in my opinion and anyone nicking laundry liquid and hair shampoo has got to have some decent basic standards of personal hygiene.

    Frankly, whilst we have oligarchs, billionaires and a lying Tory Government who took us out of the EU, with Farage and Trump’s support as puppets of the infamous Putin Government, and arms dealers raking in profits on the back of the slaughter of thousands of everyday people, I think our preoccupation with local crime rather than the real crimes of the powerful is disproportionate. Keeping the serfs in their place of course!

    • So in your distorted word, a dozen sets of false eyelashes are merely the basic daily needs of somebody looking after themselves and should not be treated as a crime ? ? ?

      I assume that was your attempt at an April Fools Joke . . .

    • Clare.. I’m not sure why you think the EU is any better than the tories? They get held up to account by who again? Where do they declare their accounts from tax payers money? Who do they answer to? Politicians are all the same, left wing or right wing. I mean look at Tony Blair. The last Labour government to get in and how much bloodshed did he cause again? Don’t be ruled by stupid newspapers like the independent which is upto half owned by Saudi government and the guardian which sells on average about one paper per shop per day. The independent called Russell brand right wing.. 🤣🤣🤣. They’re all smear jobs. Politicians are all corrupt and in it for personal gain. Funnily enough when you mentioned farage.. He literally petitioned himself out of a job for years. But I guess you just believe the tripe your showed each day from Google News 📰

      • I don’t think “Jack” should assume that “Clare” reads ” Google News”. And I do not see why he assumes that she thinks the EU is better than the Tories, Surely what she implies is that she thinks we should have stayed in the EU.

        The small local newsagent’s I go to certainly sells more than one copy of the I every day. So does Smiths.

        There’s a spoof of Russell Brand in Private Eye, by the way.

  3. there are still too many poor people on this planet and you will find that no matter how poor people get they dont steal, mabe a few might but you will always get those who spoil it for others.

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