Thanet council activates severe weather emergency measures for rough sleepers

Rough sleeping Photo Steven Collis

Thanet council has activated its Severe Weather emergency measures from today (April 1) for the next three nights due to high winds and the drop in temperature to ensure the safety and wellbeing of rough sleepers.

The team is proactively going out to any known people and can be contacted on 01843 577277 if you think someone needs help with emergency accommodation.

During periods of extreme weather, the council operates a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP). Extreme weather can include any conditions that increase the risk of harm to people who are rough sleeping. This is often, but not exclusively, periods of cold weather or significant rainfall.  When deciding whether to trigger the protocol, the Local Authority must take into consideration local context and weather forecasts.

When the protocol is triggered, the council will promote it on its website and via social media channels that it will provide emergency accommodation for any person sleeping rough in the district so that it can prevent unnecessary deaths due to extreme weather.

More information on the Severe Weather Emergency protocol (SWEP) is available on on the TDC website


  1. well i suppose if they got off thier a**se and did something , that would be start , many times i have heard the ponces outside of shops phoning home or arranging drug deals – discuss

  2. You cannot tar everyone with the same brush.
    They might have just fallen on hard times.
    We give shelter to all who come into the country, what about those who have probably held good jobs, paid their taxes, but for whatever reason are now homeless.
    Dont they deserve help?
    Have a bit of compassion.

  3. Thanet council aren’t doing a flipping thing!! They’re creating homelessness buy stripping away ALL of Porch lights funding!! As of sep the 70/80 odd people that have been receiving help will no longer,adding to the homeless PROBLEM!!

      • So sad we send money over seas to deal with other peoples issues…. Instead of sorting our own homelessness out.. So sad to see them in the cold in 2022.. “real worlds” comment is disgusting….. If ur homeless u have no address! if u have no address u cant do nothing!!!

  4. I wonder, if the people who are opening their homes to others, would be prepared to do the same for these poor people?

  5. Makes me laugh at the people who write derogatory remarks like “real world” at the top of the page they do not have the balls to use their name, perhaps they would be kind enough to offer somebody a home while it is cold OK I guess not

    • Only if they’re Ukrainian Martyn. don’t see your family members at Christmas though ! Dems the rules!

  6. who in there right mind would invite someone to live in thier home , when you know precisely nothing about thier background or any potential criminal record for christ knows what – get real!

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