People invited to Become a Councillor for Thanet event


Thanet council is inviting people to find out more about becoming a councillor for the district.

Councillors are elected to the district council to represent their local community. Roles and responsibilities include decision making; developing and reviewing council policy; scrutinising decisions taken by the Councillors on the cabinet and community leadership and engagement. Each election term runs for four years and the next district elections will take place in May 2023.

Thanet District Council is holding a ‘Become a Councillor’ event in April, to encourage people living and working in Thanet to find out more about the role of District Councillor. You will be able to talk to councillors, as well as members of the Democratic Services team, about what being a District Councillor involves and to ask any questions that you may have.

The event will take place at the Council Chamber, Cecil Street, Margate, on Thursday 7 April, 7pm – 9pm. If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] or call 01843 577500 to register for your free place.

Thanet District Council is committed to increasing the diversity of the council and is therefore especially keen to welcome people from Thanet’s Eastern European and Roma communities as well as other underrepresented groups.

Chief Executive of Thanet District Council, Madeline Homer, said:“We want people from across Thanet’s diverse communities to come forward and make a difference to the lives of local people. This event is an opportunity for people to learn about the work of our Councillors and Cabinet Members and we want to encourage people from all walks of life particularly those from under-represented groups to consider standing as candidates at the next local elections.

“As a council, it is important that our council chamber reflects the community it serves. You don’t need any special qualifications, skills gained through life experience such as raising a family, or volunteering, are just as valuable as those gained in a career.”

You can find out more about the role of a District Councillor on the council website.


  1. Unfortunately I have to rule myself out of this as I do not reach the criteria for lying through my back teeth as our councillors do.

    • I can’t see why anyone who reads the comments in this paper would want to become a local councillor.

  2. Went to one of these a few years ago – Chief Exec did an intro in a way that suggested she did not want to there; a bloke then stood up and waffled on about expenses, then attendees got to chat with each of the party group reps in the room.
    Not one of the presenters or party reps impressed in any way – presenters going through the motions and party reps pre occupied with politics.
    No one seemed to be bothered about doing things meaningful to improve Thanet!!

  3. I agree with Ms Rees’ comments.
    I cannot, for the life of me, see why anyone would stand for election to this council, then to become the target of people on social media and the IoTN.
    Accusations of corruption, toxicity, incompetence and worse, all without foundation, are bandied around. Even if I were thick skinned, I would be upset to think what effect these comments would have on my wife and children.
    We are fortunate in this country in that we live in a democracy. Ordinary people have a voice both in local and national government. For that, I’m greatful . I’m greatful too to the men and women who put themselves up for election to represent us.
    Obviously, some councillors are better than others. I can think of several TDC members who really are pillars of the community; there are others who are not So effective.
    But at the ballot box we can make our voices heard. And if you’re not impressed with the line up, you could stand yourself.

  4. people have short memories around here – think , cyril hoser , the fake shiek , jonathan aitken to name a few ? over too you marva = put a spin on that ?

    • If you’re not satisfied with our current councillors, then vote for different ones, or stand yourself.
      Making semi-literate and incoherent comments doesn’t really help.

  5. Whatever “put a spin on it” means, I think a more positive view of life is actually more realistic than permanently focusing on the negative aspects.

    I don’t know who the people mentioned by “real world” are, in any case.

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