Labour’s Anne-Marie Nixey takes Nethercourt by-election with 55% of the poll

Nethercourt councillor Anne-Marie Nixey

A district council by-election held for Nethercourt ward yesterday (March 24) has been won by Labour candidate Anne-Marie Nixey.

The poll followed the removal of Labour councillor Liz Green after she was disqualified from her role at Thanet District Council for not attending in-person meetings over a six-month period, which she said was due to serious health concerns.

The by-election saw a 25% turn out with Anne-Marie taking 55% (505) of the vote. Conservative John Davis took 25% (230)  and Thanet Independent group candidate Claire Tilbrook took 20% (175).

Cllr Nixey said: “I am delighted and proud to represent the ward where I live at district level. They lost a great councillor in Liz Green, I can only hope I’m as good as her and I will do my utmost to represent the area and Ramsgate at TDC.

“Why the huge majority? Let’s not forget Labour’s position on the airport. The proposal for a cargo hub so close to a huge residential setting was never a good idea and that topic came up time and time again on the doorstep.

“Residents needed help fighting the threat on their doorstep and that’s what I’ve always done as Nethercourt’s Town Councillor and will continue to do at district level.

“You don’t get 55% of the vote if you’re not listening to your constituents! I have a huge thank you to the mountains of support I received locally and within the Party and I wish the other candidates well on their further political ventures.

“For now though I will be getting stuck into representing my area and town. The fight continues, people want change.”


    • We understand Cllr. that letters of complaint regarding the election have already been lodged. We suggest you wait before you start crowing the success. How are your computer skills coming along? We understand you didn’t own one when you were first elected to KCC. It is a compliment when opponents wish others demise is shows they are worried. Labour never changes just gutter politics.

      • Independantone, my computer skills are fine as are my politics. Your knowledge of my computer history is interesting as i have to use a computer for my work for over 20
        Years and your blatant smear on me says more about you than anything i can say

      • Would “Independentone” like to use his/her own name in future, rather than insult people anonymously?

        • Why should people use their own name on here? I don’t believe you have complained when people post under a pseudonym and are rude about Craig McKinlay or Conservative Councillors? Or are you just a hypocrite?

          • I think Mackinlay and other local Conservatives deserve criticism, but people should use their own names, especially when being rude to people.

          • Maybe because the comments towards said people may have been justified. That said I look forward to a new dawn where councillors actually support their constituents for the greater good of Nethercourt and Ramsgate as a whole. That includes not giving the green light for Manston air cargo hub. Indeed the latest report commissioned by the SoS Grant Shapps stated along with my other reports Manston is not needed. That said we all want jobs for local people. They must be green, meaningful and sustainable. Instead of slinging mud, local people must unite for a sustainable and green future for Ramsgate to protect hospitality and tourism jobs (our biggest employers) which will be seriously affected if Manston opens. After all would YOU want to visit and stay at a place where planes would be less than 500ft above your head with the horrendous noise, not to mention the pollution? I doubt it. Let’s join together for Ramsgate!!

      • Lol, Independent one, the sour grapes on this are hilarious. Straight out of the loser Donald Trump playbook 🤣
        Perhaps for once you realise people have moved on from Manston? I know that’s going to be a hard task for you!

      • You are saying gutter politics whilst abusing someone and smearing their abilities.

        I’d wager a fair few high ranking MPs can’t use a computer to the ability they should be able to. It’s not a deal breaker either way

    • Ukips are now the Independents which are the same as Conservatives in Thanet, all supporting the same out of date failing thing. Labour or Greens are an environmentally better choice for this area. People realise this now.

    • You have won an election Cllr Barry Lewis and yet even in victory you can’t stop yourself making disparaging comments about your opponents. It shows how paranoid and disrespectful Labour are for anybody that dares to have opposing views (very red and Corbynite)

  1. Glad Davis was defeated, we all know he should be nowhere near public office. But looking at the numbers, it makes you wonder what will happen in other seats if the TICs don’t stand and the Greens do.

    • Thanet Independents had 13 in 2017 when they jumped ship. Losing 50% by 2019 and then getting just 175 votes in 2022 shows just hpw much their one trick pony is working out.
      I suspect in 2023 they will be down to just 3 and that 3 will likely join the Tories like Ash Ashbee did

  2. Well done, we now look forward to a labour government to do away with this lying cheating deceiving government who have thought about the worst prices rises in the shops and fuel since 1955 They conveniently try and hide behind Covid and the pandemic and the war in Ukraine to explain the chaos when in fact Covid and the war in Ukraine has help to exposed just how bad the Conservative governments have been over the years in under funding the NHS / defence / gas / electricity production exposing us as a nation that’s underfunded and vulnerable . Exacerbated by the madness of Brexit all that Brexit has brought us has been has been negative over 10,000 companies have now packed up from trading in the UK and move to the EU to keep their business going yet the Brexit tears think it’s a good idea. We have not taken back control of anything If anything is put us out of control. Tories Tories Tories out out out let’s have a general election now so we can show Johnson what voters think of them.

    • If Labour lose the next election, I wonder what the excuse will be; COVID? Ukraine? Brexit? I wouldn’t mind betting they’ve already got one lined-up!
      And is the PM’s position still ‘untenable’?

  3. Well done Anne-Marie and Labour! It certainly does show us all what voters actually do care about.

  4. In 2019 Liz green got 509 votes so this time around Labour increased their votes however that is hardly surprising looking at the standard of those she faced.
    One who stands for tories who has anger management issues and one who writes on her leaflet “I will not mislead you” then says elsewhere that she lives under the flightpath when by her own admission she lives 2km off the centreline of the flightpath

  5. well done labour – and i hope people have realised they got what they voted for at the last general election .

  6. well said bill ! , its a pity more people will not see what these crooks have done to our standard of living , we are governed by multi millionaire ex public schoolboys with no sense of reality or of having to work for a living .

  7. Please, clever readers of this newsroom….
    Don’t forget, Labour (Blair) taxed Pensions, Labour (Brown) sold off most of Britain’s Gold reserves, which left us nearly bankrupt as a Country (not Nethercourt of course, they wear choiced blinkers at the best of times).
    Sour grapes? No, just home truth’s.

    • You seem obsessed with living in the past and yet want to conveniently ignore Manston’s own past failures as a commercial enterprise.

    • at least you know who is clever
      Nethercourt (Thanet) council by-election result:

      LAB: 55.5% (+16.8)
      CON: 25.3% (-1.7)
      TIND: 19.2% (+19.2)

      Votes cast: 910

      Labour HOLD.

      No Grn (-18.9) and UKIP (-15.4) as prev.
      Except TIGs are UKIPs poorer relation

      • Oh dear Labour supporters cannot help themselves rolling around in gutter politics. It is a compliment when opponents have to try and degrade their adversaries THANK YOU FROM TI’s

  8. This is a local election not a General Election. Local Councillors don’t have much power eand especially not when they are ‘governed’ by Madeline Homer and her mates

  9. Nethercourt Ward that is the problem, St Lawrence is part of that ward but gets forgotten The majority here under the flightpath want Manston re-opened we don’t want thousands of houses without proper infrastructure. Even the so called affordable housing is to expensive. we need Cargo to keep our shops going and the employment will bring money into the town. This result is a disaster in the extreme.

    • It continues to astonish me that there are *still* people who think it’s either “airport” or “houses”.
      It’s not.
      It’s “houses” or “airport and houses”. No matter what else, Thanet gets the houses.
      It’s astonishing how much ignorance there is.

  10. Paul try doing your research
    It’s just the same result as 2019
    Turnout in 2019 31%
    Liz got 509 votes
    Turnout in 2022 25% turnout
    Anne-Marie got 505 votes
    Winner lethargy

  11. It’s pretty clear that there are some councillors (of various political persuasions) who care passionately about our Isle.
    These are the ones you will find (if you look carefully) helping week by week (not just a one off photo op) in a food bank, picking litter in the park, volunteering with CAB and so on.
    Then there is the other sort, the ones that will make the most absurd promises and offer dubious carrots, because they think it will give them favour with the voters. Anne-Marie belongs to the former group.

    In the past there have been various claims and challenges about prospective councillors’ stance on Manston. Anne-Marie made it abundantly clear she was against the airport – and got in with more votes than the other candidates combined. So it’s pretty clear what the good people if Nethercourt think about the airport.

    • With such a small turnout? The Tories and Labour are just towing the party line Manston should re-open and will

      • If Manston was well supported at Nethercourt, there would surely have been a huge turn out in support of the Manstonphile John Davis.
        Whatever else you might conclude from the results, it’s blindingly obvious that there is no overwhelming support for Manston at Nethercourt. And hardly anywhere else either.

        • No research necessary.
          Anne-Marie (Labour, anti airport) got voted in by an overwhelming majority.
          What’s more to know?

  12. Well done Anne-Marie Nixey, the people who could be bothered to vote came out and voted for you by a clear double majority over the next candidate which shows people are very concerned about Manston and are against a freight hub opening next door.

  13. Ramsgate trader I think you need a reality check. The Thanet “independent” candidate stood on such a pro airport stance her election flyer looked like she was a candidate standing on behalf of RSP. She got 19% of the vote. I think the result of this election was dispel the myth that Nethercourt is 100% in favour or reopening Manston for good.

  14. I disagree. I cannot believe Thanetians can’t be bothered to vote. People died for that right. 25% turnout is appalling. All I will say is if you didn’t vote, tough when things don’t go your way. Utterly shameful!!!

  15. On that basis, hardly anybody gets a true “landslide” victory.
    The Conservatives, nationally at the last General Election
    got 43% of the voters to support their policy of “Get Brexit Done.” They gained an 80 seat majority over the other Parties. Those other Parties campaigned for another Referendum and gained 55% of the voters.
    So which policy/Party really swept to victory?
    None of them, really. But you would never have thought this by reading the newspapers or watching the TV.

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