Ambrette Restaurant in Margate to close for good next month

The Ambrette in Margate closes on April 3

Twelve years of the Ambrette restaurant in Thanet will come to an end when the doors close at the Margate site for good on April 3.

Dev Biswal, the chef-owner of the multi award-winning Ambrette restaurants in Margate and Canterbury and Ambrette Kitchen which opened in Ashford during the pandemic, plus formerly a venue in Rye, became a partner in The Indian Princess in Margate in 2006. He became the owner and rebranded it as The Ambrette in Margate on January 28, 2010.

The King Street site quickly established a reputation for authentic Indian regional dishes, showcasing local seasonal produce fused with exotic ingredients, and given a contemporary gourmet twist.

The Ambrette was frequently cited as making a significant contribution to Margate’s economic revival ahead of the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery in 2011 and Dreamland amusement park reopening in 2015.

In 2018 Dev and partner Emma moved the restaurant into the former Hoy pub site in Fort Hill.

However, the business will now be refocusing resources and teams on the  Canterbury site.

Dev Biswal

Dev said: “Covid helped me to see what I was missing out on in life

“My priority has shifted to finding a work life balance and being with family. Covid has made us all realise what’s important. I lost close family members during the covid period and I could not go to see them due to work pressure.

“I would like to consolidate and focus on one unit and hope my regulars from Thanet will make it a special occasion to dine with me in Canterbury.”

It is understood the site has been sold to another restaurant outlet