Duo Samana heading to Elsewhere in Margate


Musical duo Samana is coming to Elsewhere in Margate tomorrow (March 25).

The Welsh pair, Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett, have been championed by Elbow’s Guy Garvey and they’ve just released their second full-length album ‘All One Breath’ to some fantastic reviews.

Samana perform modern folk music that will suit fans of performers such as Mazzy Star, Widowspeak or Smoke Fairies.

They released their new single ‘Patience’ earlier this month.

Having spent two years rebuilding a Georgian farmhouse in the Welsh countryside, Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett filled their car with a selection of instruments and a tape machine and headed to France for a three-week residency in early 2020. However, the world had different ideas and before the end of the first week they were given a simple choice: head home immediately or stay and ride out the incoming lockdown which would force the closure of all borders indefinitely.

They decided to stay and keep working, a decision which would lead to a new record – All One Breath.

Everything was recorded in the old wooden barn where they stayed, and the deep rich timbre of the space, along with the inventiveness with which they made a ‘sonic stage’ within the barn, had a huge influence on the finished sound; something raw but considered, and beautifully alive.

’Patience’ offers a different take on their sound, the hypnotic six-minutes characterised by the lilting slide guitar and the crashing coda which suddenly bursts into a finale of crashing drums and squalling guitars.

Samana perform at Elsewhere, The Centre, Margate tomorrow. Doors open at 7.30pm, Samana on stage at 9pm. Tickets £8 concessions £5

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  1. more of the same by the look of it , i thought the old hippie scene had fizzled – out but clearly not

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