Upton youngsters join safety in action event

Learning about water safety

The personal safety and health of children are critical issues for Upton Junior School in Broadstairs.

As part of their ongoing learning and awareness, pupils from Year 6 have taken part in a ‘safety in action’ interactive event delivered by the Salus team.

Girls and boys learnt about and some of the dangers they may face as they become more independent and prepare for transition to secondary school.

A number of scenarios set up by the organisations involved were designed to simulate and provide information about a variety of topics and situations the pupils may face.

These included drugs and alcohol, and safety advice about fire, electricity, water, road, online problems, plus ‘stranger danger’ and emergency life support.

Children rotated around the activities and learnt so many lifesaving skills at the sessions at the Hall By The Sea, Dreamland, Margate.

Head of Year 6 Athanasia Papa-Adams said: “The interactive activities gave the children some lifesaving skills as well as giving them confidence and independence in preparation for secondary school.

“They needed to show our core value of resilience and work together in their teams.”

Head of School Dave Walker said: “Our children have regular personal health and safety education from the day they arrive at Upton. Events such as the Salus sessions reinforce what we teach them and are a valuable part of their tool kit for life.”

Salus was previously known as the Kent Safe Schools initiative and can be found online at www.salusgroup.org.uk. It states: “We recognise that all children and young people are different and, for any number of reasons, may need support to deal with the challenges they face to ensure they can achieve their potential.

“We know that families, teachers, youth workers and other practitioners do an amazing job in offering support but may sometimes need some help to do this. At times, a child or young person may benefit from some more specialist or focused support.

“Through delivery of a huge range of innovative and evidence based services we are able to support the improvement of social skills, educational achievement, emotional health and well-being and long term outcomes for children, young people and their families.”