Margate to be illuminated with fireworks for Empire of Light filming

Fireworks for Empire of Light Photo Frank Leppard

Fireworks will light up the sky in Margate tomorrow night (March 24) as part of filming for the Empire of Light movie.

Pyrotechnics equipment is being put in place today on Margate Main Sands for the display which will take place tomorrow intermittently “after sunset” and before 11pm.

Information from the Empire of Light production team says: “We are aiming to recreate a festive atmosphere in camera and light up your beautiful town.”

Photo John Horton

The team is asking those with properties that have sea facing windows to leave lights on overnight if possible to help with the illumination.

Fireworks will be set off on the beach and the Stone Pier. The Stone Pier will be closed to the public for safety reasons and some exclusion zones will be in place on the main sands.

Photo Frank Leppard

Areas are also cordoned off today, and will be on Friday, for the pyrotechnic team to rig and then derig.

Some fireworks have already been used in the filming but this time is expected to be on a much larger scale.


Empire of Light stars Academy Award winner Olivia Colman, Micheal Ward, Academy Award winner Colin Firth, Toby Jones, Crystal Clarke and Tanya Moodie. Tom Brooke and Hannah Onslow join the previously announced cast.

Colin Firth, Olivia Colman, Sam Mendes and Roger Deakin were in Margate Old Town last night for the latest round of filming.

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TopBoy actor Micheal Ward has also been in town for scenes which included the transformation of Café Darcy into a 1980s chemist shop.

Empire of Light is a 1980s set love story. Filming will continue in the town until May 21.


  1. I’m sorry but It is astounding and beggars belief when the world is on the verge of an environmental calamity that this film company is so stupid as to hold a firework spectacular, as well as asking individuals to leave their lights on all night. Where is the social and political leadership on display here.
    I have no doubt it will be exciting and some might say a welcome distraction from the coverage of misery being inflicted on the Ukrainians in the press but is this really responsible and sensible. Behaviour ?
    I thought TDC had had called a climate emergency. Will Cllr Yates who was proud of this achievement speak out about this , likewise what will the greens say about this ?
    When will grown adults start behaving like responsible adults. All those involved in this production need to learn to see the bigger picture and the ramifications of their actions.

    • Roman – TDC will have granted consent and taken a fee for this use of Margate Sands in accordance with its Events Policy.

      Bearing in mind that TDC does nothing to prevent the use of barbecues and petrol generators on the beach, it seems that the declaration of the climate emergency is at odds with its policy and practices in reality.

    • Most of the civilised world has declared a Climate Emergency.
      Yet in his spring statement, the Chancellor reduced duty on vehicle fuel, but did nothing for bus or rail fares. Thus, use of the most polluting of land transport modes (ice vehicles), whereas thos who use the least polluting form of powered transport (trains) are penalised.
      Liz Truss flew off on a jaunt the the government’s executive jet. You will gave to let off fireworks for decades to come to match the pollution speed out by that unnecessary journey.
      Bring on the fireworks. But if you’re going to travel to get there, don’t drive.

    • It doesn’t apply to the hip people, only the Plebians. Prince Harry & his wife lecture non-stop about climate change yet live in a 16 bathroom mansion & fly round the world on private jets, same with his father.

      Lewis Hamilton loves the planet so much as he claims that he drives around a track at high speeds burning fuel all year, then hops on private jets to shag supermodels.

      Bono has his Greenpeace membership, yet flies his hat half way round the world because he is lonely without it.

  2. they are throwing more money at margate than tdc has in decades , but they will soon be gone and everything will be back to ” normal “

  3. Dear Real World. Can’t Margate residents thoroughly enjoy these fireworks without having to be ‘thoughtful for the planet’ for once. I hope to be down on the sea front Ooooooung and Aaaaahing whilst my grandchildren see a display they may not see in their lives. Thank you for the fireworks and the lights. Keep safe all everyone and wrap up. Enjoy.

  4. Thankfully if you hold your breath continuously for 30 minutes you can offset any carbon emissions made by these fireworks, and the people, especially the children can enjoy the fireworks in peace, without all this climate emergency nonsense, that is little more than a faux green tax raising scam
    The environment, that will be just fine, just as it has for millions of years, and will be for millions more years

  5. I think it’s good for the town and I will be there. Yes, TDC will squander the large sun of money on utter useless crap! We will go back to normal but this is major stars with lots of good publicity for a change. local businesses will benefit, roads have been closed (so what). The World is an awful place! The lights are on for one night and yet so damaging to the Planet that’s already been destroyed. There will always be for and against but I believe and think it’s a positive!

  6. Oh good! I do love a posting by a climate change denier.
    Your ignorance is astonishing.
    The climate, far from being “just fine” for millions of years, has been anything but.
    For example, during the Cryogenian period, the whole surface of the planet was covered in ice. Human life would have been impossible. During the Devonian, the oceans were anoxic, and dead.
    Absolutely it is the case that the climate changes “naturally”, but it doesn’t help that humans are hurrying along the current change.

  7. I’ve got a good idea do it on Thursday not Friday when kids haven’t got school,also what I saw seemed like something went wrong not thousand fireworks more like 10 spread out

  8. So nice to involve Thanet people with your 3hr spread lol,me and missies done in two mins,so how do you expect fireworks last this long in Thanet

  9. Oh be quiet stupidity getting ridiculous now.
    It’s hardly going to hurt anything or anyone is it. Go away

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