Learning about bees, plants and nature for Science Week at Ellington

Ellington science fair

The air has been buzzing at Ellington Infant School in Ramsgate as the role of bees has been an integral part of the school’s learning for  National Science Week.

The school celebrated Science Week and its theme of ‘growth’ by learning all about plants. Throughout the week children were engaged in learning on this theme across a range of subjects. Activities included planting seeds and beans, going on nature walks, creating bee fact-files and writing bee poems, and creating some wonderful artwork.

On Tuesday children welcomed Laurence Coley, a local beekeeper, in to speak to key stage one children about bees. He provided an interactive experience, sharing the equipment needed to be a good beekeeper.

Ellington science fair

Children across the school loved learning about bees and finding out  how vital they are in pollinating plants and trees, which ensures we have plenty of food to eat and there are plenty of habitats for a variety of wildlife. As a result of their learning, children in year two are now experts in their knowledge of the lifecycle of a bee.

They have also been closely watching live caterpillars grow in class and are looking forward to them forming a chrysalis and emerging as butterflies.

On Friday the school welcomed families in to see the culmination of the week’s work at an exciting science fair.  Children and their parents were able to view and engage with all the amazing learning displayed within the outdoor areas.

Headteacher Adnan Ahmet was very pleased with how the Science Fair turned out.

He said: “We were very lucky that it was a beautiful sunny day as we decided to hold the science fair outside to link in with the theme of growth. It was amazing to see so many families come in to celebrate with their children and to see the quite incredible results of the week’s learning.

“It is clear that both the children and adults have worked very hard this week. We are very grateful to our Science Leader, Miss Beverley, for doing such a good job of organising the week and to the rest of the staff for ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible.

“A huge thank you to those families who took time out of their day to come and visit our Science Fair too. I know it means a lot to the children to see their families supporting their learning.”