Stress-busting sessions to feature in Ramsgate Through The Senses festival

Learn to shake off the effects of stress

An alternative practitioner will be kicking off new stress relieving sessions at the Ramsgate Through The Senses festival.

Sylvia Tillman, based in Ramsgate, says her Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) can help with people who may have tension in their jaw, shoulders or back, too many headaches or high blood pressure.

She said: “All these issues can be caused by stress as stress really is the root of almost all evil.”

Sylvia is one of the first TRE Providers in Kent and having taught online all over the world, she is now introducing the self-care tool to Thanet.

Her teaching will kick-off at Ramsgate’s Festival Through the Senses and she promises to introduce her course participants to eight senses, not just five.

TRE is a stress management tool developed by David Berceli. As our bodies tense up when under stress, this can then manifest as any of the stress-related ailments mentioned above, TRE helps to release this tension.

By learning TRE – six warm-up exercises, similar to yoga poses, followed by the actual TRE process – people can learn how to relax their muscles, where we store tension.

Sylvie said: “This relaxation happens from the inside, rather than from the outside, e.g. during a massage, and empowers my clients to help themselves.

“TRE activates a tremoring process, which is our innate reaction to release stress. All mammals do it – think of a dog who has encountered a scary situation. Dogs simply shake off the stress hormones and happily get on with life.

“We can learn to do the same. By shaking, we are resetting our nervous system, the body is becoming more relaxed and many tension-related ailments can be nipped in the bud or even healed when practised regularly.”

Check out Ramsgate Through The Senses events programme and get in touch with Sylvia to book a fact-finding discovery call.

Pop-ups, dining events, music, live performances and more will also feature in the new three day festival.

Created by Gemma Dempsey and Helen Emler, Ramsgate Through the Senses is an event to complement the Ramsgate Festival of Sound.

​Ramsgate Through the Senses features talented chefs, artists, enthusiasts and practitioners. The three day programme also presents artistic talks and holistic treatments to relax the body and mind.

Attendees to Ramsgate Through the Senses can sample cuisine created by some of the best chefs in Kent including at Ramsgate’s Marc-Pierre’s Kitchen in West Cliff Arcade; enjoy a rollicking good night of music courtesy of The Snottledogs, or for something more relaxing  try massages, Reiki, meditation or a gong bath!

Ramsgate Through the Senses runs from March 18-20.

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