Two arrested over suspected arson of 10 vehicles – including an occupied campervan – in Ramsgate

Emergency services

Two men have been arrested in connection with a number of suspicious vehicle fires in Ramsgate, including one of an occupied campervan .

Just after midnight in the early hours of today (March 14) Kent Police was made aware by Kent Fire and Rescue Service that a car was alight in Newcastle Hill in the town and that it was believed to be suspicious.

Further vehicle fires were reported shortly after in Finsbury Road, Broad Street, Anns Road, Church Road and Denmark Hill. One of the vehicles alight was an occupied campervan. No injuries were reported. In total, damage was caused to ten vehicles.

Officers attended the scene and, working with CCTV operators, arrested two men from Ramsgate and took them into custody.

The first man, aged 20, was arrested on suspicion of arson and assault. The second suspect, aged 19, was arrested on suspicion of arson and possession of cannabis.

Detectives are investigating the fires and would like to thank all those who have come forward with information.

Any witnesses who have yet to speak to an officer should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/47547/22.

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form available at


    • No.
      Had there been tragic consequences, those responsible would have been charged with manslaughter. In just the same way that someone driving at 90 mph through a town centre: if they kill someone, they won’t get charged with murder, because there’s no intent to kill.

    • Must be times of change Peter, 53 years ago aged 12 we broke into a public place to steal the bottles of spirits that we sold. (yeah was an asshole for a couple of years) we used matches to be able to see.
      We were charged with attempted arson , found not guilty but cost two years in a childrens home for theft.
      I think these days the “slap on the wrist ” don’t help.

    • I believe it is termed arson with intent to endanger life or reckless as to whether life was endangered.

      Sentencing range I think is currently 4-10 years.

      The culprits will undoubtedly plead mitigation that they were not breast-fed as babies and get let off with a suspended sentence and told not to do it again because it is naughty.

  1. As a full time van lifer myself from this area I’m truly shocked to hear this news. I’ve travelled all over the UK and not once have I heard of this sick behaviour before. The mentality of the single cell ameobas living in this part of Kent is unbelievable! Can’t wait to get away from here.

    • This unfortunately does happen elsewhere. It happens a lot in some of the inner city estates up North. The feral kids set light to numerous cars and vans and when the fire brigade comes to put them out they then attack the fire fighters. The fire fighters now have to wear cameras as it’s a common problem for them.

      Years of soft sentencing by liberal judges and trying to keep offenders on the streets by issuing community sentences has eroded any fear these ferals have of the police and the punishment for their crimes.

  2. you are very naughty boys – have 3 months imprisonment = suspended for a year !!!!! you can see the write up now. they should throw the key away.

  3. Ramsgate, the crime capital of Thanet.
    Were the boys who were doing these regular fires previously get let out of HM custody so soon?

  4. Throw the bloody book at them both. Charge them with each case separately and get their sentences done in a way so they are run consecutively.

  5. A lot of crime is carried out by a small number of sick in the head individuals. It’s not until real severe sentencing is given out that these yobs will realise that the crime is not worth the pay- back. We have a waste of space of a Home Secretary in Patel, May was another one less than useless Home Secretary cutting police numbers. The Tories are definitely NOT the party of law and order. Remember that at the next election.

  6. Can we please remember these idiots if the right idiots (innocent till proven.) are grown arse adults. don’t sugar coat it they know right from wrong. at 19/20 years old I was planning my future and working my arse off what’s there dam excuse.
    These idiots will say the been drinking all day drugged up to the eyeballs didn’t know what they were doing.
    And the twits incharge will let them off with a fine that there pled they can’t pay and told not to do it again.
    Shame on them bet there parents are so disappointed in them not that it will mean much.

  7. So yes they are the same two as in 2020 who were the same as earlier that year. Just looking back at old reports here show they are the same lads, Toby Pierce and his mate. Why are these dangerous arsonists not being kept locked up inside away from the public? The Courts need to put the public first. We blame them for allowing these two back out on the streets to continue where they left off.

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