Police investigating ‘sickening’ theft of RNLI charity pots during Newington Fish Bar burglary

Caught on CCTV

Police are carrying out enquiries after thieves targeted Newington Fish Bar and stole two donation pots for the RNLI.

Three people broke into the chippy during the early hours of Friday (March 11), damaging the door and frame and swiping the RNLI pots which are thought to have contained around £150.

CCTV images of the trio have been shared to social media and it is understood possible names have been passed to the police.

Newington Fish Bar owners Ken and Nigel Derrett previously receiving an award

Co-owner Nigel Derrett, who has run the business with brother Ken since 1980, said: “We found it upsetting enough being broken in to, but for these three to steal the lifeboat charity boxes which were both full has really caused the most upset to the staff.

“They obviously don’t realise lifeboat volunteers and put their lives on the line to help other people. How could anybody steal money that is donated to help people?

“These three should do some form of penance at a lifeboat station to help those they have hurt the most, perhaps they might actually learn something.”

Nigel says a call from Kent Police has informed him the break-in may be linked to several others where small businesses in Thanet have been targeted with cash stolen.

CCTV image

Nigel says he is sickened at the theft where one of the culprits, believed to be teenagers, ripped the pots from the counter.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 1.25am on Friday 11 March to a report of a burglary at a business premises on Newington Road, Ramsgate, in which charity collection tins were stolen.

“Officers attended and carried out a thorough search of the local area. No arrests were made and enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

Since the break-in an anonymous benefactor has donated £100 for the RNLI saying the crews had saved her husband’s life.

Last month Newington Fish Bar  gave away some 1,500 free children’s meals in a bid to help lower income families feeling the squeeze.

The takeaway gave away free sausage and chips for all children during the half term and also frequently fund raises for various causes.

Newington Fish Bar gives away more than 1,000 free children’s meals to help families hit by rising living costs


  1. For Cods Hake.. is no Plaice safe from these cretins!

    Hope the alarm didn’t leave the neighbour’s with a Haddock and the police dont Flounder with their investigation and catch their sticky Fish Fingers hook line and sinker

  2. Low lives doesn’t begin to describe this lot. The RNLI volunteers put their lives at risk rescuing people (“the sea shall not have them”) regardless of age, gender,race, ethnicity etc. They rely on donations to avoid being controlled by any government or religious grouping etc. Millions of people admire and support it. The excellent chippy in Newington try to support it – get burgled for their efforts by some nasty little scrotes. Words fail me.

  3. Sadly you will always get scum bags, however having used the chippy 40 years , some greasy stuff in first year , i have found the food excellent , the staff friendly , people travel a long way and bypass others .
    If Nigel put a pot on the side for people to chuck change in I am sure the money stolen would be recovered in no time.
    He may have to take it home to bed with him in these times .
    I will chuck a tenna in when passing.

    • I keep telling my dog off , he hates the postman and tries to see him off, maybe its the bills he brings or the junk mail that goes straight in the bin.

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