Emergency crews called to five vehicle fire in suspected arson attacks in Ramsgate


Police and fire crews were called out in the early hours of this morning (March 14) to five vehicle fires believed to have been deliberately set.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to Anns Road in Ramsgate at 00:24 to reports of five vehicles alight in the road and nearby streets.

Two fire engines attended and crews use hose reel jets to put the fires out. There were no reported injuries.

Fire crews finished at the scene at 1.24am.

Update from Kent Police:

Two arrested over suspected arson of 10 vehicles in Ramsgate


  1. There was a car set alight at trove and Kennedy tower blocks last night aswell.. and church street I believe.. so wouldn’t be surprised this is the start of a spate again..
    All the CCTV in the area must just be there for decoration purposes..

  2. It might be the same nutter who the police nicked after a load of car fires then released him on bail for him to burn more cars before nicking him again. He was in a bail hostel I was told when he was committing the crimes.

  3. just another day in paradise ( again ) thay should throw the key away IF they ever catch the pratt, but then no doubt someone will find an excuse for thier actions !

  4. No treatment for mental issues while inside these days? Firebugs are a danger to society and must be kept locked away unless rehabilitated for their illness.
    Here we go again !

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