Call for Margate’s Maurice Morris to be made Honorary Freeman

Margate character Maurice Morris Photo Frank Leppard

A call is being made to honour one of Margate’s most’ famous’ residents.

Instantly recognisable as a Margate fixture, 88-year-old Maurice Morris has lived his entire life in the town and is a familiar figure to many.

From the 1950s to 1990s Maurice worked in various roles at Dreamland, including as an usher at the cinema.

Photo via Carl Hudson

It is understood he was an extra in sketches for the Marty Feldman Show.

A regular at the Margate carnival and known for delivering local papers in recent years, Maurice is a much loved resident of Dane Valley. In 2017 he was presented a Dane Valley citizen award in a scheme launched by ward councillors.

Maurice meets Tracey Emin Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet resident Tim Knibb has now started a petition calling for Maurice to be made a Freeman of Margate.

On the petition page he says: “The face of Margate for fifty years or more, everyone knows him.

“Visitors from London look for him each time they come down. He has done more for the town than any planner, Executive Officer or councillor.

Photo Carl Hudson

“I am asking for recognition of his love for Margate. I am asking for him to be made a Freeman of Margate.

“Unfortunately, I realise that perhaps  no one knows how to create a Freeman anymore. Maybe this petition will create a worthy recipient of this honour.”

Maurice at Margate carnival. Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet has bestowed an Honorary Freeman title before. In June 2016, Westgate-on-Sea Town Council conferred Honorary Freemanship on historian Dr  Dawn Crouch for her decades of service to the town.

Find the Maurice Morris petition here

Legend Maurice Morris wins Dane Valley outstanding citizen award


  1. What a great idea. Everyone knows this likeable chap.

    Even though he is not as mobile as he used to be, you can often spot him picking up litter around the town.

    He must also be McDonalds most popular customer.

  2. Lovely idea.

    The Margate Mayor and Charter Trustees can nominate and vote to support someone to be an Honorary Burgess.

    There aren’t Freemen now . Best to contact the Mayor’s office.

  3. i agree totaly , i think he should have got the knighthood instead of roger gayle , at least you we seen more of him in thanet over the years , also is he tracey emins father ?

  4. I think it would be a lovely thing to do for Maurice by awarding him something like this. He has selflessly done such a lot for Margate over the decades and never asked for anything.

  5. Lovely man a Thanet figure head…. Often by him a tea and have a chat a Kassandra cafe in Northdown Road…. This needs to happen…NOW

  6. ABSOLUTELY he has been a family friend for many years and has done so much for Margate. Not a bad bone in his body x

  7. I knew maurice when I hung around in margate at the tender age of 14/15. He is a great man needs the recognition he deserves it. Please make it happen.

  8. I knew Maurice when we both worked at Dreamland inthe 70s. Maurice was always ready with a smile. Don’t see him so much now but every one knows him, even the children of the town.
    My wife and I were talking about Maurice becoming a Freeman when our Great Granddaughter, aged 9 years asked if Maurice is the “old man with a flat cap who rode a bike”? She was often with us when we were chatting with Maurice about the ‘old times at Dreamland. Genuine Gentleman,is Maurice

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