‘Love at first bite’ promised with the launch of new Thanet business Sexy Burger

Jake and Peter will be serving up Sexy Burgers

Whether you fancy getting ‘Jiggy With It’ or you are more ‘Sweet and Innocent’ there will be something on the menu for you with newly launched Sexy Burger.

Owner Peter Walford, who previously ran The Jolly Farmer in Manston, is promising love at first bite with his new high quality burgers, sides and desserts business.

Customers can pick from a variety of tasty offerings from the Signature Sexy Burger to Sexy on the Beech and the Casanova as well as loaded fries, Sexy Slaw and more.

Peter, who is also known for serving up an excellent pie, mash and liquor, has teamed up with his former head chef Jake Arniszewski to bring something different to the gourmet burger scene.

The dad, from Manston, said: “I had the idea a couple of years ago just before covid but then that came so it had to be put on hold.

“Now restrictions have been lifted and confidence is growing and things are getting back to normal.

“It is based around a Sexy theme with Casanova and Jiggy With It, for example. I got the idea when I went to a restaurant in London that was doing ‘sexy fish.’ It was one of the best restaurants I’d ever been to and I just loved the idea of the Sexy Burger.”

The venture is being launched from the kitchen of St Lawrence Tavern in Ramsgate and will be available in the pub and online with delivery.

Peter says that although there are good top class burger outlets like Please Sir and Room Service in Thanet he believes there is still a gap in the market for his colourful, premium burgers.

He added: “It will all be fresh ingredients, there are gluten-free, vegan and plant-based burgers. All the produce is local and as much as possible is homemade.

“It is something a bit different with the coloured buns and premium ingredients with patties and sauces homemade. It is priced in-line with its premium quality and I think it is worth every penny, people can treat themselves to something that looks, tastes and smells amazing.”

Customers will be able to place their orders via Facebook, email or phone and Peter has his own drivers for delivery. He plans to move onto Just eat and other platforms in time but says the most important thing is to make sure quality and service is always consistent.

Peter, who has more than 25 years catering experience, said: “Consistency is key, it needs to be the same good quality and service each time. People will be able to pay over the phone or on delivery.

“We are in the St Lawrence kitchen and have just had a five star environmental health rating.”

Sexy Burger launches at 4pm tomorrow (March 11) and there will be opening offers.

Find out more on the Sexy Burger facebook page here

Call 07731 989818 or email [email protected]


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