Public exhibition to show plans for 1,500 homes, school and shops proposal at Westwood

Humber's Mill project boundary

Residents are being invited to a project exhibition to find out more about the Humber’s Mill development proposal of 1,500 homes, a two-form entry primary school, cafes and small shops, and 22 hectares of green space at Westwood.

The proposal from developer Axis Land Partnership is for a 67-hectare site to the west of Nash Road, and close to Westwood Cross Shopping Centre.

The site was selected for housing in Thanet District Council’s recently adopted Local Plan, which sets out the district’s development plans up to 2031.

Those with an interest in Humber’s Mill are being invited to the project exhibition to learn more about the proposals, give feedback and meet the project team. The event is being held on March 23 from 2pm until 8pm at Margate FC, Hartsdown Park, Hartsdown Road, Margate.

The proposed development site

Jon Knight, Senior Project Manager at Axis Land Partnerships, said: “It’s important that we understand what local people would like to see in a new neighbourhood in the area.

“We hope that anyone with an interest in our proposals will take the opportunity to come along to this event and talk to us about their hopes and concerns. Those unable to attend will still be able to share their thoughts with us via the Humber’s Mill website.

“Our aspiration is for Humber’s Mill to be a place where people want to live, raise a family, meet friends, and enjoy life in a safe and healthy way. We would like the local community to help shape our plans.”

The project exhibition will feature information about the site and an illustrative. Axis say the proposals are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed to be a ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’.

The project team would like people to give their feedback about the masterplan, and their aspirations for the local area, ahead of submitting an outline planning application to Thanet District Council later in the year.

The outline application aims to find out whether the proposals for the Humber’s Mill site would be acceptable to the council.

During January 2022, the project team hosted two webinars, alongside an online consultation, to ask people for their thoughts about the project.

You can view Humber’s Mill website to explore the proposals and provide feedback, or you can get in touch with the project team by emailing [email protected].


  1. World leaders warning of food shortages as a result of the war in Ukraine and sanctions being imposed on Russia yet, still, our farmland continues to have over-priced, terribly constructed houses built on it that few local people can reasonably afford.

    It blows my mind that Thanet remains a Tory stronghold at ever level. Do we like voting for villains? Or, is everyone else being bribed to vote for them? I can’t work it out.

  2. Why aren’t there plans for 1000s of new houses to be built on agricultural land in the Cotswolds I wonder?

  3. I wish people would keep up to date with current affairs : 1) like absorbing the latest ONS population forecast – decreasing (but are there plans to sponsor a few hundred thousand Ukrainian, Afghan, Syrian relocatees that we don’t know about – seems unlikely that Ms Patel has this in mind but who ever said government was ‘joined up’ ?) 2) like understanding the impact of Our Mutual Vladimir on world food supplies and the potash supply lines – does this not put ‘green fields’ and ‘home grown’ at something of a premium even more than yesterday – let alone ‘transport miles’ savings ? and 3) like waiting for the Water Plan for the South East which isn’t due until next year and may discover that we can’t really cope with present sewage anyway ? 4) and of course the more the affordability ratio drops (30% seems an impossible ideal) the more houses have to be built to accommodate ‘social renting’ which is what is really required – if 21,000 implied a need for 7,000 ‘socially affordable’ then logically if 7,000 is that requirement and 30% is going to be more like 15% then we really need 40,000 houses implying maybe another 100,000 bodies and maybe room for 40,000 cars which will require more extensive highways if we are to avoid ‘growth without gridlock’. And how many toffee apple sellers and creatives can we absorb ???

  4. Primary school, cafes, small shops, and a new GP surgery to help cope, not just with this project, but also the surrounding area, will go where?

    Oh, wait a minute, no mention of a GP surgery.

    • Whatever we say against this ongoing building, seems to make absolutely no difference at all. Thanet is being ruined. Our countryside and wildlife obliterated.

  5. I’m all for decent housing, that’s truely affordable to local people and is built to decent standards that are at or near to passivhause criteria. In the article it has:
    “Axis say the proposals are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed to be a ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’”
    But the UN document has 17 Goals, which one’s are Axis going for? Not to say more about this is silly. One might assume it’s not the “life under water”, goal but how does removing good agri land help to meet Goal 2 (zero hunger)?
    If Axis rfead this perhaps they can respond as their Humber Mill website isn’t operational yet.

  6. A two-form Primary school? What happens to these children when they need secondary or Grammar school? Also, I see no doctor’s surgery mentioned or dentist or vet. And what about hospital treatment, where will all these people go for that? Thanet’s facilities are bursting at the seams already when it comes to care and education so how can it possibly cope with all these extra people unless a COMPLETE new infrastructure is created to support them? As residents, we need positive answers to these very important questions.

  7. Nope, no Doctors Surgery included, still Thanet doesn’t have enough GP’s to fill the existing Surgeries around Thanet. Shocking I say.

  8. No use crying over spilt milk, nor closing the stable door once the horse has bolted.
    We voted for a Local Authority which decided to ditch a very reasonable Local Plan, because it didn’t reserve Manston for aviation only use.
    In consequence, a later Local Plan was adopted, one which was obliged by the government to have a much lager housing target, and forced by the distressed gentle folk of Birchington to exclude Manston.
    So, the lager number of houses is having to be crammed into a smaller area.
    If you voted Tory or UKIP, you’ve only yourself to blame.

  9. Like most others I am furious about this and agree with the comments about insufficient affordable housing, lack of GPs etc etc. And of course the loss of agricultural land – vital now we are going to be having a global food shortage due to one egomaniacs desire to conquer Ukraine.

    I think as many of us as possible should attend the event and voice our objections. Is anyone willing to be outside and gather names of people who object and find out their opinions on Thanet development? I would love to be that person but unfortunately am a full time carer but am more than willing to co-ordinate from home and follow-through. We need to start doing more and getting our voice heard.

  10. As noted above , we’ve committed to taking untold numbers of afghans, hong kong chinese, ukranians plus we won’t ever be sending back the vast majority of illegal entrants , not forgetting those coming here for work.
    Skip forward 50 years and there’ll be new housing in a massive arc from the minster roundabout to cliffs end.

    The endless whining about being affordable for locals is again addressed above , you want 10,000 less expensive houses you need another 20 odd thousand at market value. All very well talking about building in empty areas , but they’re not served by roads, rail, gas, electric, or have the other social infrastructure including jobs so the south east is going to become ever more crowded.
    The only way you’ll ever get fewer homes built is to properly control the size of the population that ain’t gonna happen so houses will be built.

    • Curiously LC, on a BBC 2 News Night not long ago a learned commentator said that more people leave the UK each year, than arrive! Also, British women are are having less than the 2.4 babies necessary to maintain the British population! In fact this is still the case throughout Europe, including the catholic countries of Spain, Portugal, and Italy who all have falling populations!

  11. Which railway station is close by? It’s probably as far from a railway station as you can get here in Thanet!

  12. Allotments would be nice – infrastructure so yesterday (The Saj when Communities Secretary did discover that communities need infrastructure but that was so yesterday and if you have shops and meeting places like micropubs then that only discourages car usage and detracts from the need for more highway.) Whereas allotments are rumoured to contribute to physical and mental health (ask Jeremy !)

  13. No change in the road structure not just around the proposed development but also Coffin Corner and Victoria traffic lights the Margate end or anything the other end at Westwood Cross. 1500 extra homes and still the same shoddy road network is sheer madness (and don’t get me started on how Southern Water are supposedly going to cope with 1500+ extra loos if they can’t handle the waste from the present ones in Thanet)

  14. Just think, 2,500 homes could be placed at Manston with all needed infrastructure. But it’s still got tumbleweed, the planning inspectorate and many reports have said a cargo hub won’t work, all the while what little agricultural land we have left is paved over at a rate of knots.

    Cllrs and MPs misled the public saying it needed to remain as aviation use only but the ONLY company interested is run by a struck off solicitor who has failed at this already (more than once I might add). Plus the ‘investors’ are unknown, hidden in Panama and BVI tax havens. Anyone who has seen the latest Led by Donkeys video would see how dodgy that is, no doubt some Russian money swilling around there somewhere.

    Our MPs were so obsessed over Manston they took their eye off the ball and we now have more houses than were originally allocated, doctors surgeries full to bursting and we have lost our stroke unit.

    It’s about time Thanet residents woke up and started fighting back!

  15. more wheatfields going for buidling–once again, how many of these will be bought as or end as second homes, air bnb and/or rented out putting even more cost onto the already exorbitant rental market. Just stop it!

  16. Here we go again. Its very obvious that the vast major of those living in Thanet do not want all these houses and all those being built for all the reasons already stated. Lived here most my life and its getting worst for over development. We all need to understand – no matter who is in power – TDC and central government really don’t care and never have cared what we the people want.

  17. “TDC and central government really don’t care and never have cared what we the people want.”
    TDC scuppered the original more favourable Local Plan exactly because they listened to the people of Thanet – a vocal minority of who set up such a clamour about Manston that wannabe councillors of almost every colour thought that there was political capital to be made out of railroading the then Local Plan.
    You only have yourselves to blame if you voted Tory or UKIP.

  18. I don’t think Ukrainian refugees will make much difference to housing need in the UK. Most will be returning home once the bodies are buried and juicy contracts are being awarded to private firms of all nationalities to rebuild all the houses.
    Housing need is being driven by the ageing population, determined to live longer than previous generations. So, like me , keeping hold of their own houses when ,by previous standards, we would have died off and left the house for the next generation.(So it’s partly my fault really!)
    But the other guilty parties are the increasing number of couples who get separated or divorced.(Not guilty in my case). They now take up two homes when ,before, they just had one. Nearly 50% of new marriages will end in divorce. Fair enough. People should not force themselves to stay together. We all deserve happiness.
    But it all requires homes for the two separated partners.
    Unfortunately, the central government is unwilling to oblige developers to build large numbers of smaller houses and flats for separated singletons, young couples just starting out, or for older couples and single people.
    Instead, developers make more money from big, three and four bed houses , so that is the kind of house that is being built. Everywhere!
    Our government sees its task as ensuring a free flow of money to already rich individuals. Whether they are property developers, tax avoiders, or, indeed, Russian oligarchs who donate cash to the Tory Party. This whole thing is a lot bigger than one building site.

    • Keefogs, I agree mostly with what you say, but the divorced couples taking two properties doesn’t make sense, the majority of these will mostly get remarried to another, therefore moving into one house, so two properties becoming one.

    • only today I have received a brochure from Axis giving all the usual platitudes that TDC will fall for, road improvements to Nash Road meaning more gridlocked roads in the area jobs,open spaces more sports and leisure facilities,just what we need to combat all the fast food outlets at Westwood parks and playgrounds, more than one of each, laugh, more shops more cycle paths and these COULD be included not will be. as people have said no doctors no dentists no vets, nothing really that people need or use every day just more rubbish housing unaffordable to local people.and we the people of Thanet are just expected to accept it and shut up because no one at out of touch TDC ever listens to the concerns of the people who pay their wages.

  19. It was the Tory and UKIP administrations that scrapped the more benign Local Plan, resulting in the shambles we have now.

  20. Do something useful – write to Michael Gove with your concerns, kick up a stink, let Johnson et al know where the next elections are going, write to national newpapers and expose our shabby ‘representatives’ for what they are.
    Moaning and whining on here and on the social media echo chambers achieves nothing – politicians crave power and prestige, tell them they won’t get any with these plans; council officers want a quiet life and a steady job, rock their boats!

  21. These comments are comical everyone going on this and that about Ukraine the whole country saying we must take refugees but are the first to moan about homes being built for these such refugees make your bloody minds up !
    Stop moaning life’s to short and you can’t change the regeneration of the area!

  22. Whats crazy is we are building on agriculture land to make the Conservative voting farmers rich who keep selling this land. But we have a massive brownfield site, manston, that is just sitting there wasted, it will never reopen as an airport so fill that with houses first

  23. Blue Fox

    The Tories can do what they want in thanet as it doesnt matter what they do thanet still votes Tory.

    High unemployment for decades, towns like ghost towns, decay all a round, stroke care moved out of thanet, homeless, foodbanks, low wages, building new homes everywhere, lack of affordable houses for our young people, high private rent, a crap local tory council, towns smell of dope, lack of police, big money spent on the arts. I could go on.

    Thanet is a perfect tory place its 100% what the Tories stand for. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer . Thanet stands for everything the Tories are.

    And most people in thanet like it the way it is hence they keep voting the tory MP’s and government in.

  24. Art, do please stop exaggerating. Ramsgate is not a ghost town, it does not usually “smell of dope”. It shares many problems with other towns in Britain.

    If most people in Thanet like it the way it is, that is probably because for most residents Thanet is a reasonable place to live.

  25. I live in Ramsgate and go into the centre of town at least five times a week, walking, not driving a car or catching a bus. As I say, most of the time I do not notice any small of cannabis.

    • What the jell is this “Tesla” person talkimg about? Who is Marvin and why does “Tesla” think he has a foundry? What a bizarre assumption.

      But if he thinks he’s being amusing he is utterly mistaken. I believe he is what more up-to-date persons refer to as a troll.

      • why do you abuse everyone that has a different opinion to you?

        Why are you so rude about other people’s names?

        • Genitalia. Why so crude?

          And the cowardliness of people who are rude to others but hide behind pseudonyms which are smutty and childish.

        • Marva Rees. That’s Ms Rees to people who don’t know me.

          JUST STOP CALLING ME MARVIN. What is wrong with you people?

  26. Iam trying to remain positive and polite but I don’t think I can do so any more thanks to the relentless childish rudeness of some people commenting on this paper. Thanks very much Kathy Bailes for letting these people , many of whom have crude smutty pseudonyms, continue to pretend that I am not who I say I am.

      • “You could try writing under your own name”

        Says Marvin.

        Male or female, nobody knows.

        Nobody cares, but if you have a different opinion from Marvin, then expect lots of rude comments, and nastiness.

        • Scot, you are correct the insults are already incoming, best get your head down to protect yourself, they do tend to get quite offensive.

  27. No one listens whats the point! Its greed, if they were going to build near where these big wigs lived I am sure the people there would kick up a stink and get it rejected.

  28. People everywhere are “kicking up a stink” which why several Tory MPs in the South-east at least are now making dissatisfied noises regarding the unfeasible amounts of new housing being foisted upon their constituents.

  29. With all the building that has gone on around Thanet in the last 5years .What has that generated in cash for the council.yet there is little improvement in the district that ordinary folk can another 1500is another wedge of cash to waste.thanet will probably say no and the bod in Bristol will tick the box and say yes.

  30. Build on Manston. The largest brownfield site in Kent.

    Save our countryside. Build on the brownfield.

    • Do you really believe that this would prevent developments elsewhere? Even if TDC rejected plans, developers would appeal to the government.

      Perhaps a better idea would be to turn Manston into farmland.

  31. All your points are valid, but two major ones have been missed. Water and sewage! We already struggle with water each year! How are they gonna cope with the new amount of supply? Also southern water is already dumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into the sea. The infrastructure cannot cope now, how is it gonna cope with thousands more houses dumping their waste into an old system that has not been upgraded in decades!?? Answer me that if you can! Oh btw, the houses to be built has been earmarked for Two London councils, just saying!!

    • Please let us know how you know that “two London councils” will be rehousing their current residents on the proposed new developments. Thank you.

    • I also heard the “two London councils” rumour too, though I can’t verify its authenticity. This was certainly something that happened in the distant past: the 60s towerblock on Herne Bay seafront was built for GLC.

  32. More police? More fire crews? More water treatment plants? an extra telephone exchange? more GP’s? More beds in the QEQM? More Dustmen/Dustcarts? The list goes on & on………

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