Ramsgate’s CCCP restaurant owners suffer hit to business despite vehement stance against Putin’s war

Ramsay, who is Lithuanian, has been a part of Ramsgate's community for 12 years

The owners of a Russian and Eastern European restaurant in Ramsgate say the war in Ukraine could finish off their business because some people do not understand that they originate from the Eastern Block not Russia and are vehemently against Putin’s military attack.

Ramsay Taralis and Tanya Taraliene have run CCCP restaurant in Chatham Street for 12 years and are a part of the community.

Ramsay, who is from Lithuania, is also an on-call firefighter for Ramsgate fire station.

The pair, who have a secondary school age daughter, say they are against the invasion in Ukraine but have still suffered a drop in bookings and seen some unpleasant comments on their social media because people mistakenly believe they are Russian and also do not realise many Russians do not support Putin.

The CCCP restaurant serves food originating from the former United Socialist Soviet Republic, or U.S.S.R which was made up of 15 republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Ramsay and Tanya, who is from Belarus, say their focus is serving food and after surviving the trials of Brexit and then Covid they are now praying they can stay afloat despite Putin’s assault on Ukraine.

Ramsay said: “When it all started we had police in telling us if anything happens we should call them.

“Some people do not understand that we support Ukraine. Everything that is happening in Ukraine, and Belarus, is crazy, they have just pushed in without asking. It is just shocking what is happening, even Belarus has put the country in war for no reason.

“It is the top heads in Russia, they do whatever they want without listening to the people, they even tell them it is not a war.

“I worry for friends, one friend has gone back to Ukraine to fight, and I also worry for my family here, for my daughter who has things said to her on the school bus.

Food comes from across the Eastern European countries

“We have a family run business, we are just cooking fresh food from the 15 countries of the old Soviet Union. Yes there are things of Lenin and items for the atmosphere but there is no Putin, it is all about the history, we are not supporting the war.

“We have put in 12 years of hard work and now it might finish.”

Tanya says she does not back the Belarus alliance with Russia forged by politician Alexander Lukashenko who has been serving as the president of Belarus since the establishment of the office in 1994 and is dependent on Russia for his grip on power.

Tanya said: “I am a Belarussian women who is against Lukashenko and Putin regimes. I have  family in Belarus and Ukraine. In Belarus people don’t have any rights anymore.

“I am standing for freedom in Belarus without Lukashenko and Putin.”

Tanya’s stance means to return to the country to visit family would now be extremely dangerous.

Putin’s military action into Ukraine on February 24 has since seen heavy artillery assaults in cities including Kyiv and Kharkiv.

More than 1,3 million people have fled from Ukraine with the vast majority crossing into Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Moldova.

Partial ceasefire talks with Russia are said to be ongoing to create a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol and Volnovakha but Ukraine says there has been continued firing on the area, breaching an agreement to hold fire and allow civilians to leave Mariupol today (March 5).

Demonstrations are taking place on the streets of Kherson, which was captured by Russia on Wednesday.

Demonstrations against the war on Ukraine also took place in London last weekend and again this weekend.

Ongoing anti-war demonstrations and protests have also taken place across Russia. The protests have been met with widespread repression by the Russian authorities, with over 6,500 arrests being made in the seven days from 24 February to 2 March.

The Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team is gathering evidence in relation to alleged war crimes in Ukraine in support of the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation, which was confirmed by the ICC Prosecutor on 2 March.

The War Crimes Team is part of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command and has national responsibility for carrying out any UK enquiries into war crimes and core international crimes. Detectives are appealing for anyone in the UK who may have direct evidence of war crimes in Ukraine from 21 November 2013 to present.

Homes near Chernihiv after night time artillery strikes

Evidence provided to and gathered by the Met’s War Crimes Team may then be shared with the ICC to assist with their ongoing investigation. At this time, and in line with jointly established guidelines with the Crown Prosecution Service, there is no UK-based investigation by the War Crimes Team into war crimes in Ukraine.

To report a suspected war crime to the War Crimes team, visit our online reporting tool at: https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/war-crimes/af/report-a-war-crime/

Find CCCP restaurant on facebook here

Find the British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal here


  1. I’ve eaten at the restaurant on several occasions. Good food, friendly staff.
    It would be a real shame if their business suffered because of the actions of a mad man 2000 miles away.
    I read that the Royal Albert Hall in London is to stop playing the “1812” overture, because it was written by a Russian. What’s the point in that?
    Must book a meal at the CCCP restaurant soon

    • Phyllis, where did you read about the Royal Albert Hall, ceasing playing of Tchaikovsky’s wonderful 1812 overture?
      If they are going ‘woke’
      I will never patronise the RAH again and I go there often.
      Tchaikovsky, is one of the greatest composers ever.
      I had not heard of this restaurant before but will certainly ve visiting them soon.

  2. Thanks for running the article. I had just assumed it’s a Russian-owned business so it’s good to know they’re representing all the old Soviet nations. Not that I would avoid Russian friends or neighbours but it’s helpful to know their stance is not to support Putin. Eastern European friends are cautious of using the word Putin or Russia on social media so you can be sure this couple are not planning on returning to Belarus under the current regime having made their views public. Interesting! Now that I know he’s Lithuanian I’ll have to pop by for some potato and chicken dumplings. Yummy!

  3. It’s a great restaurant, I’ve always enjoyed it. The CCCP angle is just a theme, and an interesting one at that. Best of luck to them.

  4. People associate CCCP((USSR)as synonymous with Russia.They,maybe,need to change the name of the restaurant and make people aware that they are not Russian.

  5. We as a nation can’t condone & tar with the same brush all Russian citizens based on the ruling of their ignoramous president. I’m sure there are many Russians that condone Putins actions. Many living in fear to.

    • The owners are NOT Russian though, which you’d know if you’d have fully read and comprehended the article.

      • I read & fully understood the article thank you. I was pointing out the fact that even if they were Russian we should not be tarring other Nationalities on the actions of their president. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone can’t just be an individual without their nationality being brought into it.
        As you stated they are Polish not Russian so if they were Russian the issues they have & are facing would be alright in your eyes then yes?

  6. While I sympathise with this business experiencing a drop in bookings through no fault of their own, but I am sure there are many Ukrainian restaurants currently taking a bigger hit. War has far reaching consequences.

    • Are there Ukrainian restaurants in Thanet?

      I understand what you are trying to say but the sanctions are targeting Putin’s Russia and its oligarchs. So far a number of cabinet members are allowing their billionaire mates to transfer their money before being asset-stripped.

      The local CCCP restaurant has made its position clear.
      They offer good food, are very friendly and deserve our custom.
      I wonder when, if this is how it’s going, punishing restaurants from other ethnicities will allow the worst kind of Nationalism to raise its ugly head in Thanet.

      Long live CCCP! “Our time will come”


      • Cabinet members aren’t ”allowing” anything. This is Britain, a democracy, where the leader can’ just say ”make it so” or ”let it be done” – we have the rule of law, so changes to the laws have to be debated and voted on in both Commons and Lords before coming into operation. Then there are going to be legal challenges, which will slow the whole process further. Perhaps if all lawyers collectively in Britain refused to handle such cases that problem – again, to do with the Rule of Law – that particular problem could be avoided. One of the advantages of living in a free society is the Rule of Law; riding roughshod over it would mean being the same as Putin. Two wrongs DO NO make a right.

  7. Solidarity with the Russian population living in the UK. This is the reality of putting forward a Russophobia narrative. Roger Gale who wants to deport (ie ethnically cleanse) the 70,000 UK Russian population should hang his head in shame.

    • Good luck to you RAMSAY AND TANYA. I am glad the Isle of Thanet News wrote this article for you. May I suggest that you post the article on social media and also put a copy in your restaurant window?

    • Trotsky’s dead. USSR is gone (they LOST the Cold War). Deal with it. The LAST thing Russia, let alone the rest of the world needs is a new Stalin, and frankly I’m surprised that SWP would give ANY support (even veiled) to Vladimir Hitler, the Russian fascist president and warmonger.

  8. We are seeing a return to McCarthyism. We were told the west would be targeting Putin, his government & his rich Oligarch friends & most are fine with that.

    But of course they are also now trying & in some cases actually banning athletes from competing-even under an independent banner, artists, actors, directors, Vodka etc-it is basically go after anything Russian.

    Clearly it is just virtue signalling from the big companies-who by the way are happy to carry on running events in China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc-wonder what they have that Russia doesn’t? & sporting bodies doing this & a general sadistic mob mentality of punishing ordinary citizens.

    • I guess the idea is to stop any money entering Russia, but I agree that a lot of hardworking ordinary people are suffering (and what is the point of removing Russian Vodka from supermarket shelves when it has already been bought from Russia?).

    • Since when has ”independent” participation included the word Russia or Russian, and colours that are those of the Russian flag? Anyway, given the proven state sponsored mass doping of Russian sports competitors, they should all be banned anyway. What are you, cheerleader for Adolf Putin, Fascist warmongering president of today’s Russia?

  9. Agree change the name of the restaurant – and try hanging a Ukrainian flag in the window! Good luck to the owners – hope you are able to get through these difficult times.

  10. I’m not sure why – when only speaking about Russians is it ok to boycott everything to do with Russia and treat any and every Russian national appallingly?!? Usually we DON’T tar everyone with the same brush. I understand sending a message to Russia as a nation. Imposing sanctions and breaking through the state media lies to the people living in Russia but those living in our Great nation as part of the wonderful multicultural fabric we have and (most of us) embrace is bonkers. It’s unacceptable. We wouldn’t do it to Muslims or Jewish, to Irish or Afghanistans or to any other sub set of our culture – whilst this does happen – it doesn’t happen on a media and government backed scale that the hatred from everything Russian that seems to have occurred. It’s shameful and will only strengthen Putin. It is not the way to be.

    Anyone that had reservations about eating at this restaurant based on its name or the nationality of the owners should be ashamed!!!

    I hope the business thrives and I hope any Russian nationals or descendants of Russian heritage here in Thanet feel safe and not blamed by the actions of a man nothing to do with that.

    I certainly wouldn’t be happy having my assets frozen due to the actions of Boris Johnson. I didn’t vote for him. He doesn’t speak for me and he is not a representation of what makes Britain Great just as Putin is not a representation of every Russian.

    Unless people are allies of Putin and come out in support of Putin. Please let them live in peace. Show them empathy and compassion and they are no doubt suffering greatly right now.

    We are of course already showing this to our Ukrainian friends and rightly so.

    • Not coming out in support of Putin is not enough, really – when they openly denounce his disgraceful war on Ukraine, THEN we’ll know which side they’re on.

      • What normal Russians?!? So holding a Russian passport and living in the U.K. you have to denounce it to everyone or be treated badly?!? Sorry what?!? Normal Russians are not the problem here especially those living abroad.

        • I’m not saying that they should denounce being Russian – NOWHERE is that mentioned in my post. What I am saying is that they should denounce Putin for his disgusting invasion of Ukraine if they want to be seen as normal people – something you, Not Impressed, have NOT done in your post. Lenin’s ”useful fools” ride again, perhaps…

  11. Fried black bread, pork or chicken shashlik, pork Cepelinai and kvass drink is my usual order. Will need to order again soon as it’s been a few months.

    As someone else said, Ukraine flag in window and maybe a message on your website.

  12. They are neighbours of mine in Chatham Street and are good people. I’m sorry to hear what they’re going through as they’ve not had an easy time, including a recent incident. Ransay, Tanya and their family don’t deserve such idiotic, ignorant abuse. Their business is run well and they do some lovely food – I would encourage everyone to give them a try!

  13. Perhaps they should make a simple statement by putting up a Ukrainian flag in their window along with a message of support for Ukraine. That would help clarify any misunderstanding.
    Many Brits often lack knowledge of the subtlety differences in “ east European “ nationalities so this would help. I know ,being of a similar background..
    Unfortunately Putin follows in a long line of despotic Russian Czars and dictators rotten to the core, whom life for them is cheap, as long as it is not their own.

    • Your logical positioning “roman”, is the same offered by Islamophobes.

      “prove you’re a good muslim”

      “oh, you’re arab. you must know some terrorists”

      Why the hell should random eastern europeans HAVE to assuage others ignorance and bigotry?

      • Because it’s time for EVERYONE to choose a side and stand up to be counted – for or against Putin and what he’s doing. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who can’t see this.

  14. Peter how would you know there is another restaurant down the road when you have been sat in your bedroom for the last 20 years commenting of the isle of Thanet news? Watch the news and actually see what is happening NOW. Russian affiliates,businesses,connections and anyone that flies the flag for that country are hated for there actions in Ukraine. People please understand this is not racist it’s standard behaviour that people should undertake when a country and its citizens are criminal’s killing innocent men women and children. Anyone who attacks this post needs help.
    Peace in UKRAINE soon before it goes next level.

    • Have you actually read the report, or are there too many words for you? The people who run this restaurant are from Belarus, and oppose both Putin and the war. They deserve our support and friendship, not ruiniation. So get out of your bedsit and treat yourself to something a little more adventurous than egg and chips.

      • Ramsay is Lithuanian, and as this is clearly mentioned early in the article, then maybe it’s you who haven’t read it. Does it perhaps have too many words for you?

    • “Anyone who attacks this post needs help.” – no sir, it is you that needs help. In finding your sense of self awareness and how to stop projecting your own issues on to others.

  15. That’s what happens when the Western mainstream media run such a blatant misinformation campaign re: the Ukraine situation at the behest of their masters (with many fake pix from different times). It’s a far more complex and nuanced story provoked by years of Western interference and special interests exploitation. My daughter recently visited the CCCP restaurant and said it was excellent. I’d personally rather boycott the fast food chains with their unhealthy processed offerings. A thoughtful article on the current Ukraine situation here for people able to explore the real complexities of life: https://unherd.com/2022/03/how-western-elites-exploit-ukraine/

    • Blimey, I (almost) agree with you! I refuse to go in Wetherspoons, McDonalds, KFC and the like – NOT because they’re big chains, but because I prefer something a little higher quality.

    • So it’s not Putin’s fault at all, it’s all really the fault of the West. Maybe I should throw my History Ph.D out and start serious study about why WW2 wasn’t started by Hitler. ”Democrat” or one of Lenin’s ”usefool fools”- who can tell…

  16. People complaining about not playing 1812 or going to a restaurant cus is called CCCP or indeed the merrkats being pulled and think it’s ridiculous need to remember that is what the “woke” culture cancel had been trying to do for ages … ridiculous for both or neither.

  17. What a load of old tosh! The owners are from Poland, not Russia, Ukraine nor Belarus. I speak Polish and heard them speaking. The Russian theme is simply marketing.

    • Then you need to brush up on your Polish…and Lithuanian, given that is where the owners are from.

  18. Either way its only ordinary people who are being hurt, killed and injured due to a Russian madman! So far I have not seen one good reason why Putin invaded Ukraine! Putin claimed its because its part of Russia, so why is he bombing, and shelling it to bits? Most of the infrastructure will be destroyed, so no power, water or gas, and people will soon be starving! Good luck to this little restaurant, and I agree hanging a large Ukrainian flag up in the window could help!

    • “Good luck to this little restaurant, and I agree hanging a large Ukrainian flag up in the window could help!”

      Ask yourself this….would you tell a local mosque to identify they’re all “good muslims” after an IS attack?

      • Why not? Its time “good Muslim’s” stood up and came out publicly and condemned every atrocity and terrorist attacks carried out by their so called jihadists brothers and sisters in their name!

  19. Having that Large Russian Sign up, is putting people off I will not be going back to eat there until they remove it and re name.

    • Oh Makr, if brain cells were dynamite you would not have enough to blow your wig off.

      The hammer and sickle isn’t Russian, but is a symbol meant to represent proletarian solidarity – a union between agricultural and industrial workers.

      Are you THAT dumb?

      Funny how you’re only taking issue with it now though…

      Also, the restaurant isn’t ran by Russians, but Lithuanians.

  20. Ukraine was in the CCCP. No need to change the name.

    Are people refusing to go to Chinese restaurants because of the behaviour of their government towards the Uyghurs? Or Indian restaurants because of Kashmir? No they’re not.

    This is a wonderful local restaurant and hearing that they are being targeted because of where they are from has saddened me. I’ll be visiting this week to support them and to eat a delicious meal.

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