Final Royal Sands apartments due to be released for sale this Spring

Work on the Royal Sands site now reaching final phases for apartments

Phase 3 of the Royal Sands development on Ramsgate seafront has now sold out.

Phase 4 flats will be released in the Spring and are the last of the apartments that will be built on site.

The following phase will be the leisure and retail units on the promenade with shop fitting starting before Summer. The first tenants have already signed up and include Destefano Italian Gelato Café.

The final phase will be the 60-bed hotel with work starting on the build in 2023.

Image of how the finished build should look

The Royal Sands development is a three-year programme to build 106 luxury apartments, a 60-bed hotel, leisure facilities, restaurants and shops in a £50 million redevelopment project of the former Pleasurama amusements and funfair site.

Work onsite began at the end of the summer of 2020.

Photo Brian Whitehead

A spokesperson for Blueberry Homes said: “Blueberry Homes is currently working on the completion of phases 3 and 4 which are the last of the sea-facing luxury apartments.

“Phase 3 has sold out and phase 4 is due to be released at some point in the spring and this will be the last opportunity to secure an apartment.  Every apartment so far has sold off-plan on each phase which is a testament to the location and quality of the development.

“The leisure retail units are being built adjacent to the promenade and shopfitting will start before the summer for the first tenants which include Destefano Italian Gelato Café.

The final hotel part of the Royal Sands Ramsgate development will start in 2023 as planned and all of the plans and drawings have been approved in readiness for the hotel build phase.“

The Royal Sands plot had been empty since a fire in 1998 devastated the former funfair on the land. Thanet council made a compulsory purchase on the land in 2001 after plans for a shopping centre failed to take place.  In 2004 planning permission was granted for a 60-bed hotel, 107 residential apartments, leisure facilities and retail.

The deal was headed by development company SFP Venture UK but work never got underway and lengthy wrangles followed.

In 2019 significant control of the Ramsgate Development Company, which holds the leases, was taken over by Martin Rigden of Blueberry Homes and construction began in 2020.

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    • £1k per night, blimey where did i go wrong !

      So sad i purchased 1 bed room flat (opps sorry apartment) yes its the smallest there.

      Happy with £150 per 24hour inclusive for up to 4 guests, including car parking.

      Yes its my pension, its let out in the summer on an airb/nb similar site and let out to local workers and others (currently port workers) its also on demand from insurance companies where they have to temporally rehouse people when their own houses need emergency repairs.

      Also happy to let it out to our Gov during the current Ukraine crisis.

      So all good !

      £1k per night, kind of still having a giggle !

    • Yes, plenty. And short term, Airbnb type lets will probably be against the terms of the lease.

  1. I wonder if, when this completes, Wetherspoons will be able to rent out the rest of the Pavilion which has been empty since 2008 and still unlet despite the popularity of the pub in the other half

  2. affordable housing in thanet ? and do you remember the ” arts” mob saying they wanted part of it for what ever they get up to ? that was another thing like the barge – dead in the water !!!!

  3. Yes, would have definitely been better left as a rubbish strewn, weed infested graffiti covered waste land. How many successful seaside towns do you know of with “affordable housing” on the seafront. Maybe this is a chance to get Ramsgate back on its feet?

    • Totally agree!
      Unless you go to Blackpool etc the property is now unaffordable especially for the young.

  4. Can someone explain just what is affordable housing. If you have the money everything is affordable. Think some of these flats are owned by footballers from what I’m told.

  5. I dont suppose next time you do an article (advert) for this, you could ask them what the service charges / ground rent is please? I have asked them multiple times via email for the last 18 months and get no reply. And they never answer the phone.

  6. Are there any Russian oligarchs involved, either buying or putting up the money to develop the site, I think we should be told? Pity its right under the flight path of low flying cargo aircraft should Manston airport reopen, approaching at just 300 meters high at this point!

  7. Enjoy the screaming jet engines and aviation fuel spits. Every 15 mins.

    Since when has property anywhere with a sea view been affordable, to anyone? Naïve to expect a seafront development to include social housing. Much as I don’t disagree that we need more social housing and affordable housing, it’s not this debate.

    I also agree literally ‘anything’ looks better than 20 years of being boarded up and neglected.

  8. dumpton – is there any subject you dont have an expert opinion on ?, seems to me you know an awful lot about everything – have you ever thought about a career in politics

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