Thanet donation points to support the people of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine Image Ruslan Lytvyn

Donation points in Thanet to support the people of Ukraine:

Kent Poles Union is organising a collection of first-need items for the residents of Ukraine.

blankets, sleeping bags, towels,

new one ( that is. unused) women’s, men’s and children’s lingerie, socks, cotton t-shirts, sweatpants,

hygiene products – pads, tampons, masks, pampers, wet towels, toothpastes, toothbrushes, shower gels, shampoos, disposable razor

medical products: patches, oxidized water, bandages,

long term food

instant dishes, canned food, canned food , coffees and teas, energy bars, modified milk for children, hatches and jars for children,

-cups, plates and cutlery disposable.

Find the facebook page here

UPDATE: Please do not turn up unless you have applied and are on the list -Type One Style are desperately seeking volunteers to help with medical supply distribution efforts to Ukraine. They have aggregated over £120,000 of supplies and have much more coming. They are working directly with the Ukrainian government and a network of volunteers inside Ukraine that they have built using digital platforms.

They need people to help in Discovery Park and at Manston with the organising and unloading etc. of medical supplies to get them to Ukraine and border regions promptly, and to catalogue and organise the supplies they have to ensure the right people get the right medicines at the right time. Full time volunteers needed but part time and flexi time manual handlers also desperately needed.

Please contact [email protected] immediately if you can help or fill in the volunteer form here

Paydens in Westgate is collecting until Friday.

St Saviour’s school is also collecting these items which are being taken out on Thursday. Elm Grove, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent, CT8 8LD

Under 1 Roof Thanet (Pysons Road)

There is a drop off point at Under 1 Roof for urgent supplies for those in need over in Ukraine.
Drop in before Monday (7th) as someone will be collecting the items and taking them overseas.

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School Margate

St Gregory’s partner school, St Mary’s in Whitstable , is collecting items that will be transported to help those families in need.

If you wish to donate anything from the list below, please drop it into St Gregory’s main reception area and they will ensure it is sent over to St Mary’s.




-anti-diarrhea meds

-first aid kits

-large warm socks

-warm clothes in large sizes

– blankets

-sleeping bags


-sanitation pads



-paper towels





British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal

The most effective way is cash donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee which works with member charities and local partners operating on the ground in Ukraine and western border countries


  1. Supporting ordinary Ukrainian people who are hungry, cold and whose lives have been destroyed is welcome.

    But I don’t recall such donations for Iraqi and Afghani people who were butchered by the British Army.

    If NATO kills civilians it’s an unfortunate casualty of war. When Russia does the same it’s murder.

    • John Curtis, clear off, back to your best pals in Russia.

      This is not a time or platform for your arguing, if you don’t want to help, or disagree, just don’t comment.

    • Many Iraqi and Afghani men seemed to surrender or run away at the first sight of conflict, unlike the braver Ukrainians who are actually travelling into their homeland from other countries to help with the war effort.

    • You are right , John Curtis. Thousands marched against the war in Iraq but we were ignored by the government.

    • Just as Middle Eastern people identify with many of their Muslim brother’s & sisters in times of war/crisis Westerners can culturally identify with Europeans in their suffering. Shaming people for how they feel changes nothing. Your comment is unhelpful to anyone except you and your self righteous ego.

  2. John Curtis: Socialist workers party.

    What a disgrace you are to Thanet, and indeed all European countries.

    They are different wars, in a different time

  3. Don’t you understand, he is the Socialist workers Party(Thanet Branch). Perhaps he has not heard of Lenin’s useful idiots (Make that Putin’s useful idiot).
    He lives within a democracy, that is far from perfect, but better than the alternative. He is allowed to say these things, as are the others who have said similar things.We don’t agree with what is being said, but uphold his right to say it.Same with the right.
    The only caveat, is that we do not tolerate speech that entices others to kill,rape or otherwise harm the targets of his hatred.
    In Putin’s Russia, none of this is true.They lie,rob and cheat the Russian people and kill anyone who gets in their way.

  4. Vladimir Putin is a dictator who rules the Russian Federation as a barely concealed police state. His actions in invading Ukraine cannot seriously be defended.

    But to condemn Putin does not mean giving any support to NATO.

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO),established in 1949, is a relic from the cold War whose purpose was (supposedly) to defend the West in the event of an invasion by the USSR and later the Warsaw Pact countries.

    Not only was this never seriously contemplated by the USSR (as shown by their sabotage of the communist led Greek uprising against British Imperialism in the post Second World War period), but the fact remains that the USSR has never invaded Britain or America but the reverse is the case as seen during the Russian Civil War, which saw 14 nations invade the Soviet Union, after the Bolshevik Revolution, to restore to the thrown Tsarist tyranny.

    With the ending of the Cold War a “gentleman’s agreement” was struck between the last Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush senior, that agreed that NATO would not expand any futher East towards the Russian Federation. This was soon reneged on.

    Therefore, NATO’s continued expansionism is to to blame for this latest clash.

    There is not a good side or a bad side to choose from. One side consists of US imperialism and on the other is the sub imperialism of the Russian Federation.

    This is why i say “Neither Washington nor Moscow, but international socialism”.

    • So John, tell me: Aside from giving historical lessons, is the Thanet SWP doing anything practical to assist this humanitarian crisis in Ukraine? You know like perhaps helping coordinate the distribution of blankets, clothes, etc to these refugees in freezing conditions? Or are you more focused on protesting about the west’s hypocrisy and using this situation to score partisan points?

      • Did you collect blankets and medicines for Palestinians bombed out of their homes in Gaza by Israel ? Did you do the same for Iraqi and Afghani victims of indiscriminate bombing and shooting by the British Army? White Europeans are deserving of our support (especially when Ukrainians are being used as pawns by both Russia and the West), but non whites are not. Double standards.

    • Do you think for one moment John, that Putin would have invaded Ukraine had it been a member of NATO? No, he wouldn’t because that would have meant taking on all 30 members of NATO had he done so! In 1962 Russia came close to starting a nuclear world war after sending Nuclear Missiles to Cuba, just 90 miles from America! I found myself in the army, unwillingly at the time, and we were give just 4 minutes warning had Russia attacked with Inter-continental nuclear missiles! That was ten days that will live with me forever, because it was a close run thing, which I sincerely hope won’t happen again! What is happening in Ukraine is mass murder by Putin, who said it isn’t a country, because its part of Russia! He so wants Ukraine to be part of Russia, he is bombing, and shelling it to become a devastated ruin, with no infrastructure left that cannot be rebuilt, because Russia is bankrupt!

  5. I’m not being drawn into other conversations. This is great to see people donating and realising what the effects of war are. These people need our help.

    Well done to all those involved.

  6. This thread is about sending help to Ukranian civilians.
    If you want to soapbox, please do it somewhere else.

  7. As a former child refugee myself, after the Germans blew up half our street, I have donated to the child charity UNICEF monthly for years, along with other refugee charities. UNICEF has made a Ukrainian appeal for people to donate over the phone on: 0300 330 5580. Every penny helps, and if you pay tax the government will also add a contribution! Go it now!

  8. Kathy Bailes why do you allow individuals to post links on here to conspiracy theorists and political extremists like the SWP? I’m sure if someone posted a link to a far right group it would be taken down immediately.

      • My posts are giving an alternative narrative to the one sided narrative that is presented by the mainstream media.

        It is undemocratic in the extreme to attempt to use administrative praxis in place of democratic debate. While rightly condemning Putin for being undemocratic to propose my posts are banned is replicating that very same undemocratic practice.

        In no way can my posts be labelled extremist. I belong tona bona fide political party and would be interested in your response.

        • I haven’t banned your posts but have removed links. I am not obliged to promote links for other publications

  9. Kathy Bailes thank you. I certainly don’t wish to try and ban Mr Curtis and his SWP from expressing his organisations views. What I and many others are concerned about were links being posted by conspiracy theorists and political organisations either left or right. As Mr Curtis says the SWP are a bona fida political party. I look forward to seeing them contesting at least one council ward in Thanet next year .

  10. Putin is clearly a psychotic paranoid megalomaniac lunatic, because his stated aim is that Ukraine is not a country, its part of Russia. If that is right why is he destroying Ukraine with bombs and shells, leaving it a derelict ruin? Ukraine will need vast investment to rebuild its infrastructure later, but Russia is bankrupt, and has no money to rebuild Ukraine, so what is really Putin’s aim? My guess is he is testing the will of the 30 NATO countries, and if he perceives they lack the will for a fight, he may well attack one or all of the Baltic states next, then onto the 3rd World War!

    • Putin gathered all his forces on the Ukraine border for weeks, just testing to see what the World, United Nations, NATO, European Union would do, the answer; nothing, so he went in. Not using the usual surprise tactics, it was expected.

      If Putin manages to take control of Ukraine (in the short term), he will probably march straight on into Moldova next, as they are not part of NATO.

      It would make military sense that while he has so many troops mobilised in Ukraine (when the convoy moves in), to continue into Moldova, as his forces are already set for battle mode.

      After that all his neighbours will be NATO members.

      Three cheers for Ukraine, and the very, very best of luck.

  11. God, some of you on this board would cause trouble in an empty house, just chill and thank the Lord we are not in Ukraine.

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