Road shut after part of roof ripped off Victoria Parade property

Making the area safe in Victoria Parade Photos Emma Chaudhry

Kent Fire and Rescue Service has been called to Broadstairs due to part of a roof being ripped off a property containing flats during today’s (February 18) storm.

Victoria Parade is currently closed off as the fire crew work to make the area safe.

Resident Emma  Chaudhry said she called emergency services after being alerted by a huge crash at her home.

Photo Emma Chaudhry

She said: “There was a huge bang and when I looked out my front window I saw the carnage.

“The chimney pot flew off and smashed too. It’s a blessing that no one was hurt and no cars were damaged. A lot of people were in Morelli’s, right next door, at the time

“The fire brigade arrived in minutes and are doing everything they can for public safety They have cordoned off the road and are trying to safely remove a huge piece (of roof) that is hanging now.”

Photo Emma Chaudhry

Emma lives on the lower floors sustained no damage to her home but firefighters are trying to seal the hole left in the roof of the top flat.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Two fire engines and a height vehicle were sent to the scene.

“A large area of flat roofing material was ripped from a flat roof by the strong winds and were hanging over public footpath. Crews lowered it to the ground and made the area safe using a height vehicle.”

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