No rise in 2022/23 precept for Ramsgate Town Council


There will be no increase in the precept for Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) for the 2022/23 tax year.

Councillors at a meeting this month voted for the freeze which means the precept remains at £80.64 for a Band D Property (or £1.51 per week).

Councillors felt strongly that the precept should not be increased at a time when many residents will potentially be affected by several rising household costs.

The meeting also heard that RTC has slowly been building a reserve that will be sufficient to take forward the transformation of Radford House – the former fire station in Effingham Street – into a community centre.

Town clerk Laura Fidler (pictured above with mayor Raushan Ara) said: “We hope to see real progress with this project this year; appointment of a Project Manager is currently underway. There is also funding available to take forward other projects across the wards.”

A capital budget of £20,000 was agreed to improve the composting toilets at some allotment sites and there is nearly £145,000 available for grants for events, community group projects and community services such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Another £6,250 continues to be put aside for election expenses and £25,000 has been put aside for town improvements.

Another £20,000 has been re-allocated to progress the Neighbourhood Plan and £15,000 will be used for Highways Improvement Plan work.

A review of the job descriptions and salaries is currently underway by the Society of Local Council Clerks to ensure that staff are paid a fair wage and the job descriptions are suitable for the council’s requirements.

A review of work vehicles will also take place, to ensure that suitable vehicles (used by the Technicians) are in use, giving consideration to the council’s carbon footprint and the technology that’s currently available.

The council resolved to pay the Parish Basic Allowance to elected members. This will assist the members with their duties and set a precedent so that suitable future councillors are not put off from running for office because of financial concerns.

A further £6,000 has been allocated to set up small artisan markets in Charlotte Court. These will not replicate or replace the weekly/monthly markets that Thanet District Council has oversight of.

Full budget

Balance Brought Forward£1,238,248.71
Radford House Bequest£142,706.62
Architectural Heritage Fund Grant for Radford House£58,300.00
Ringfenced election costs (saving towards May 2023)£12,500.00
VAT Refund£30,000.00
Bank Interest£600.00
Customs House£25,200.00
Radford House£500.00
Visitor Information Centre£7,000.00
Market Stalls£2,000.00
KCC Recharge for Ground Maintenance£600.00
Mayoral Events Income (not charity fundraising)£500.00
Apprenticeship Government Grant (2/2 Nov)£2,000.00
Repayment for Standup Paddle Boards£1,500.00
VAT Paid£30,000.00
Staffing (incl. training, health & safety, recruitment, etc)£416,815.40
Radford House£28,000.00
Customs House£68,400.00
Town Promotion£154,200.00
Mayoral & Civic Functions£16,000.00
Neighbourhood Plan£20,000.00
Highways Improvement Plan£15,000.00
Parish Allowances (paid to elected members)£10,200.00
Charlotte Court£7,500.00
Vehicles (Van & Milk Floats)£27,500.00
Town Improvements & Open Spaces£67,500.00
Radford House Development Project£88,300.00
Capital Projects & Asset Acquisitions (incl. Radford House Development)£1,100,955.33
Operating Funds to be kept in Reserve (4 months)£250,000.00
Misc. Expenditure£27,976.72

Find more details on the Ramsgate Town Council website here


    • Think it did a lot of good to be honest. It means that they understand the damage that a cargo hub would do to Ramsgate.

  1. Bill that money is small fry compared to the hundreds of thousands invested by various TDC leaders in pursuit of evidence that their failed Manston pipedream would work. 18 reports later? It is still a no.

    RTC understands the needs of Ramsgate and threat to Ramsgate, unlike TDC.

    What causes bad PR is the relentless pursuit of Manston at any cost, including an embarrassing bodge of the local plan by TDC, all evidence of fudging key, formal commitments such as the plan, in favour of blatant protectionism of Manston. Now that’s bad PR.

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