Police attend disturbance and assault report in Ramsgate

Police attend the incident in Grange Road Photo Toni Simmons-Leworthy

Police were called to a disturbance and report of an assault in Ramsgate today (February 16).

Officers were called to the incident in Grange Road at around 4.50pm.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a disturbance in Grange Road, Ramsgate. During the disturbance, a man is reported to have assaulted another man before leaving the scene on foot.”

Officers are completing ongoing enquiries and no serious injuries have been reported.


  1. wernt they lucky , its the endless victims of crime i feel sorry for – not the ones that manage to miss it ? are you a frustrated tory politician marva , you seem to put a spin on everything on here ?

    • The “spin” if ever there was one, was to choose to see the overwhelmingly positive aspects of Ramsgate, rather than the very, very small negative ones.
      It is your right to out whatever spin you like on your comments.

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