Food, music, a gong bath and more at Ramsgate Through The Senses festival

The Snottledogs

Pop-ups, dining events, music, live performances and more will feature in a new three day festival in Ramsgate.

Created by Gemma Dempsey and Helen Emler, Ramsgate Through the Senses is an event to complement the Ramsgate Festival of Sound.

​Ramsgate Through the Senses features talented chefs, artists, enthusiasts and practitioners. The three day programme also presents artistic talks and holistic treatments to relax the body and mind.

Attendees to Ramsgate Through the Senses can sample cuisine created by some of the best chefs in Kent including at Ramsgate’s Marc-Pierre’s Kitchen in West Cliff Arcade; enjoy a rollicking good night of music courtesy of The Snottledogs, or for something more relaxing  try massages, Reiki, meditation or a gong bath!

Making the most of Ramsgate’s beautiful local beaches, visitors can take part in a variety of guided walks and have a go at foraging or metal detecting. And for those who enjoy retail therapy, there will be a specially curated pop-up shop at Molly Pickles Studio in the centre of Ramsgate.

There will also be a Treasure Hunt and cooking demonstration at Newington Community Centre with Mike Spackman, former BBC Food & Farming Awards Cook of the Year and currently Big Local’s community chef in Newington, heading a workshop and food themed treasure hunt for families.

Ramsgate Through the Senses runs from March 18-20.

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    • HI Andrew! All of our participants are talented; some are professionals in their field (such as the chefs) while others such as Sylvie Bolioli are enthusiastic but non professional (in her case as a detectorist) .
      If you’ve never had a gong bath you should definitely try one! No need to get wet or take your clothes off – you’ll be surrounded by relaxing vibrations that will emanate from the gongs played by Bettina-Ji Certified Kundalini yoga teacher and Gong Therapist. Hope that has enlightened you and you come and check out our festival!

    • Hello Real World! Funnily enough one of our events is In The Dark – fortunately no Lords involved! Just great food wine and sounds…Hope to see you at the festival 🙂

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