Man jailed for screwdriver stabbing in Cliftonville Costcutter

Karamvir Dhadda

A violent offender who carried out a supermarket stabbing in Cliftonville has been jailed for two years and seven months.

Karamvir Dhadda was shopping with a friend at Costcutter in Northdown Road when a fight broke out involving another man, shortly after midnight on Saturday 28 August 2021.

He used an object believed to be a screwdriver to stab the victim six times until a member of the public intervened, allowing the man to break free and run away to safety.

Dhadda, 19, of Doebury Walk in south-east London, was later identified from CCTV footage of the incident and arrested at his home address on Tuesday 7 September.

He was subsequently charged with possession of an offensive weapon and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and pleaded guilty to both offences prior to his sentencing at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday 8 February.

Dhadda will serve his sentence in a young offender institution.

Investigating officer DC Hazel Edgar-Nevill said: “Carrying a screwdriver for violent means is completely unacceptable, especially when it is used to inflict serious injuries on another person like Karamvir Dhadda did in this case. His victim is lucky to have escaped with his life, and were it not for the actions of a brave member of public then that may not have been the case.

“Dhadda had no previous convictions before this troubling incident, and I hope the experience of being sent to a young offender institution will make him think twice before carrying out such appalling acts of violence again in the future.”


  1. Blimey,Thanet is becoming a very violent place.Everyday now you read these things.
    All this levelling up is being undone by people who behave in this way.
    Who would want to move here!

    • In answer to your question Dave; property prices have doubled in the last ten years. Lots of people would like to move here. obvs.

      • Dave is right. Also,how can we see people sleeping under the pavilion and think that anyone is levelling up. We need to stop homelessness first before levelling up. Each broken home creates at least 1 criminal.

    • I lived in thanet,when i was born in 1969. My mum brought me was a nice place-then. If i go to reason to move i would now.

  2. as much as i totaly agree with you dave, now watch the old faithfuls defend it – isolated incident , it happens all over the country , bla bla bla

  3. Two years and seven months… stabbed the victim, not once, but 6 times. The sentence is a disgrace. 15 years would not be enough.

  4. Just to put this in perspective, in 1981 I got a two year suspended sentence for failing to pay a car tax fine.

    • In what way did his comment suggest racism? I’m of ethnic heritage I took it to mean he wanted to be somewhere nicer where there wasn’t so much crime.

      All your comment proves is the willingness of keyboard warriors to use the R-word at every conceivable (and ridiculous) opportunity.

    • Why dont you just wake-up and see what is happening in THANET. I lived here all my life-and its getting bad every day.

    • Alcohol is a “class A” drug and does accelerate aging more than any class A drug. If he was on heroin he would be asleep and also he would look younger than 40.

      • VEDDAH

        I am assuming you are a junkie yourself, with years of experience, don’t worry you’ll grow up eventually.

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