Tasty lesson in Chinese cooking for Upton pupils

Cooking at Upton

The Chinese New Year has been celebrated in tasty style by young cooks at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs.

The Year 5 girls and boys were treated to demonstration of food preparation and cookery skills by professionals from the Deal-based Chequers Kitchens Cookery School.

After the workshop, the pupils – who are studying China as their main topic this term – next got to demonstrate their own culinary craft.

They took great care making and then baking their own vegetarian spring rolls which they then couldn’t wait to eat.

Gemma Scarr, Assistant Head and Year 5 teacher, said: “The children really absorbed all the top tips and techniques they were taught in the workshop.

“They really enjoyed making and eating their own spring rolls. It was a delicious experience for them and they learned a lot from the trained chefs who were extremely friendly and helpful.

“They girls and boys worked collaboratively and it was a strong team-building exercise that supported their communication skills.”

As part of the celebration of the Chinese New Year the Year 5 group has also learnt about the story of the Zodiac and discovered that this year is the Year of the Tiger.

They also investigated why certain foods only grow at certain times of the year and in certain climates. This was linked with Chinese food and cooking, with the children designing their own plate of Chinese food.

Head of Year 5 Tom White said: “The children have enjoyed fantastic opportunities to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and heritage, which gives an added dimension to their overall topic learning.”

The Year 5 group has already held a special day where they learnt traditional dance, movement and music, as well as creative artwork and tried their hand at Chinese calligraphy.

Chequers Kitchen Cookery School can be found online www.chequersdeal.co.uk. They say: “Our mission is teach people to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients so they can access a healthy diet, whatever their budget. As a social enterprise we support our social mission by also offering high quality recreational cookery classes, team building and dining events for the general public.”