Puppetry skills and fun at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Creating puppets at Ramsgate Arts Primary

Young puppeteers at Ramsgate Arts Primary are creating their own special toy story.

Children in Year 1 are exploring the world of puppetry as part of their topic Playing Past and Present.

This examines toys that were popular in Tudor and Victorian times and throughout the 20th Century – and the pupils have discovered that some have remained just as popular as ever through the centuries.

One that has stood the test of time is the good old-fashioned puppet, which has proved to be a firm favourite with the current RAPS generation.

Teacher Jess Barnes said: “We have talked about how puppets are used and that they’ve been around for years and years.

“We explored different types of puppets: finger puppets, glove (hand) puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets, body puppets and marionette puppets (string puppets).

“The children were then set the task to design and create their own puppet. This was a great cross-curricular process from learning the history of puppets, then designing their own puppet and considering what materials they needed.

“Finally they made their puppet and there was great enthusiasm as their creations came alive in their hands as they put on their own mini puppet theatre shows for the class.”

Ramsgate Arts Primary is focusing on promoting oracy development – the range of speaking and listening skills, behaviours and language necessary for effective communication and collaboration.

Mrs Barnes added: “The puppetry project was a great opportunity for the children to work in small groups to share their handmade puppets and bring them to life. It was a great was for their oracy skills to come into play effectively.”

Head of School Nick Budge agreed: “It has been interesting to see the variety of styles and materials the Year 1 children used to create their puppets.

“It is clear that they really enjoyed the work and are gaining a strong set of communications skills as they work together to achieve their goal.

“Oracy encompasses physical, social and emotional, linguistic and cognitive aspects of learning. It is something that we are encouraging across all year groups as part of our children’s personal development.”