Man taken to hospital following assault in Ramsgate

Police at the scene

Police are carrying out enquiries at the scene of an assault in Ramsgate today (February 8).

Kent Police was called to a report that a man had been assaulted in Arklow Square at 1.25pm.

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the man was taken to hospital.

Officers remain at the scene.


    • Apparently Phil Collins was visiting Ramsgate, when he came up with the idea for the song “Another Day in Paradise”

  1. Why do you assume Marva Rees is female??
    He’s an old man who sits and waits for every
    Story to fill the many lonely hours of his very long
    And bore us with his age old opinions

  2. Arklow Square well known for drug activity so no real surprise!

    Ramsgate isnt a great place nowadays

    Weekly reports of beatings, stabbings, running people over, drugs etc etc

    • Yes true but unfortunately not all of the above are reported. local squabbles are sorted out on local streets.
      Same in many other parts of the uk, atleast its just scuffles & squabbles here at the moment. No one wants murder’s..

      Ramsgate is a smashing town !

      Others will disagree…

    • All those Pillocks who say if you don’t like…..then move, should try it themselves! I know of an 89 man who was evicted just before Christmas for no apparent reason, and who had been an exemplary tenant for many years, and was offered a flat….in Eastbourne by Thanet Council, Duurh! In another case I know of two people one a pensioner, who are on the point of being evicted, again for no apparent reason, and have finally found a 2 bed flat to rent, at £900.00 a month, plus rates etc! So please don’t be so stupidly flippant when telling people to move, they can’t you idiots!

  3. Ramsgate is not a bad place it has a lot going for it, beautiful walks, beaches, bars, restaurants, Ramsgate tunnels, antique shops, Royal Harbour, some of the best architecture in the country, why is it all some people do is moan, rather than look at the positives yes there are some issues but what town in 2022 doesn’t have

  4. There are some very sad people who choose only to see the worst, no matter what.
    I chose to come to Ramsgate, having looked at places all round the coast from East Anglia to Dorset. I chose here because of the friendly people, the supportive communities, the quirky town with its Georgian and Regency connections, the fabulous accessible Kent countryside and the fantastic pubs.
    When I walk down into town I’ll be greeted by endless people; a friendly nod, a quick chat, a conversation.
    When we had snow and ice a couple of years ago a neighbour offered to do my shopping. During the first lockdown, another checked I was ok.
    We still have a town centre with plenty of shops. There is art and music to suit all tastes.
    I think Ramsgate is great, and I haven’t regretted living here for one moment.

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