Colour explosion in new Pie Factory Margate exhibition

Marvellous Margate by artist Nicola Taylor

Head to the Pie Factory in Margate for an explosion of colour in the gallery’s latest exhibition.

Kicking off the half term holidays with an exhibition of large, vibrant paintings of the Thanet area, Margate-based artist Nicola Taylor will be showcasing her work in her first solo gallery exhibition.

Explore the beautiful bays and landmarks of Thanet and the surrounding areas, depicted by bold shapes and vivid colours. Including sunrises, sunsets and seascapes, this selection of her latest original paintings aims to brighten the day.

Combining her passion for colour, painting and the seaside, Nicola Taylor uses acrylics on large canvases to produce bright and colourful art. Inspired by the ever-changing skies and seas, the unique local landscape provides a perfect subject for her work.

‘Coastal Colours’ will be open from February 11-15, 10am to 4pm each day. There will be a selection of Nicola’s original paintings, along with some prints, frames and homeware. Entry is free and all work will be available to purchase.

Pie Factory Margate is at 5 Broad Street.

Find out more about the artist at


    • I know, there’s a subreddit called r/DelusionalArtists. I think I’ll link this thread. Pie Factory was always the lowest common denominator in the Margate fantasy in which all the locals are, in fact, original and talented artists. But this takes the biscuit.

  1. LMAO, seriously that is “art”? Margate is becoming synonymous with talentless daubers professing to be artists. Seemingly every other person and their toddler is an artist. Dreadful local stuff now on show at the Turner. And then this? If it wasn’t such a hackneyed style, done to death in the last decade, it would, at best, qualify for a clip art website.

    • Your comment exposes your bitterness. People who are happy with their life do not need to spend time and energy attempting to sully the work of others online. This show was enjoyed by locals and visitors, and the artist had a lot of sales from what I saw when I popped in last week. The artist was a lovely lady. Art is subjective and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you are clearly someone who isn’t particularly happy with themselves, otherwise you wouldn’t bother writing such a negative post.

  2. Art is for everyone. I’m surprised by the amount of people that are qualified art critics! Do you have an art degree? Many artists work two jobs often teaching. If you spend some time looking at the natural world across Thanet without your preconceived ideas of what art should look like, you might enjoy the beautiful colours and energy that these landscapes have to offer

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