Woman hit by motorbike in Margate taken to London hospital

Emergency services

A woman pedestrian has been taken to a London hospital with a serious injury following a collision in Margate last night (February 2).

Kent Police was called after the woman was hit by a motorbike in Canterbury Road, near to the former Sea Bathing Hospital site, at around 9pm.

Officers attended the scene along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the Kent air ambulance.

The female pedestrian had suffered a serious injury and was taken to a London hospital for treatment. The rider was also taken to hospital following an injury.


  1. I hope the lady recovers soon. We hear all this talk about “ Levelling up“ it’s about time the Kent was levelled up and had its own major trauma unit instead of patients with serious injuries being taken to London hospitals. Kent is well backward I noticed even the nearest magistrate court now is in Folkestone.

  2. Thanks Bill – the lady in question is my Mum, and we are still waiting to discover the full extent of her injuries, although there are positive signs. We are so grateful that she was attended to so quickly, even if it did mean she had to be transferred to London.

    • Hi Kate, myself and a couple of friends did first response to your Mum as we saw what happened until ambulance arrived. We also looked after Dad and got him a chair. Please keep us updated as to Mums situation and as promised I will buy Dad Jamieson in the pub.


    • Hi Kate, we witnessed the incident from the pub and acted as first responders until the ambulance arrived. we also comforted your Dad Morris whilst the events unfolded. please keep me updated as to your Mums progress and the offer of whiskey for Dad still stands if he pops in the Ales of the Unexpected.


  3. Thank you Jerry and Jerry! My mum is still in Critical Care but she is doing really well. We still don’t know the full extent of her injuries but they are pleased with her progress and are doing more scans etc. today. I will post any major updates here for you. Thank you both so much for taking care of my family; obviously it was a huge shock to Maurice at the time (and the rest of us when we heard the news) but the hospital are doing a great job with Mum and the rest of us are doing all that we can to support. I’m sure the offer of a whiskey will be gladly accepted once this is all over!

  4. Ah, sorry Jerry – that makes sense; I was surprised there were 2 but with different screen names I thought it might be possible! I’ll be back with more news when there’s a significant change. Thanks everyone for your action on the night and well wishes since.

  5. This is Maurice, Mary’s husband. No significant update but I did want to take the chance to thank all of you who helped at the scene. I greatly appreciate all that you did.

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